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How to create a social decision making culture – digitally.

The future of work is today. It is collaborative and social. It is happening in ecosystems and platforms, and it is more and more digital. But it is done by individuals. We need to tie together the insights, understanding, skills, accountabilities, and decision making.

Measure the quality of your decisions

Do you follow up past decisions in your organization? Do you have any structured processes in place to evaluate your decision making? Are you taking the time to learn from the past? If yes, are you measuring the quality of your decisions as well? If

Better decisions with Salesforce

Salesforce is the most popular CRM platform online, yet it still only covers some of the daily activities a knowledge worker engages in. The implementation and adoption of a new CRM system is an investment along an investment comes the expectation to have a return

How to build and nurture a Digital Leadership Culture

Digital organizations have plenty of advantages over analogue ones. Their decision making is faster, and documentation is better. They are more agile and innovative. Digital tools allow automation to increase efficiency, and artificial intelligence is becoming more and more useful for assisting us in our daily tasks and decreasing decision fatigue.

Creating a strong social decision making culture

What is done, how is it done and who is involved in doing it? Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organizations. It has very much to do with how people communicate and the actions

How to keep moving through the immobilizing crisis?

The situation with the coronavirus has laid a curtain of uncertainty in front of us all. Companies need to rely on their leadership and ability to navigate through the darkness to find the light at the end of the tunnel. We challenge you to think: What

Decision Making & Scenario Planning

What scenarios have you played out caused by COVID-19? How do they impact your decision making? The ongoing crisis puts us in a unique situation. The formerly stable environment we were used to is under constant turmoil and uncertainty. What happens next is by no means