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The easy way to lead.

Make an impact and increase accountability.
Align, plan, execute, measure, and improve – together.
Fingertip – the next big disruption for leadership.

Fingertip streamlines managing, deciding and achieving goals,

natively and securely inside Microsoft Teams.

Fingertip – Lead your work and culture

Make the right decisions together

Agile, collaborative Decision Making for you and your Teams.

Increase strategic alignment with objectives

Improve measurability and transparency in team and personal goals.

digital meetings that get things done

Minimizes time spent while maximizing the productivity of every meeting.

simplify task management with fingertip for teams

Make task progress visible and improve productivity.

Manage projects and portfolios efficiently.

The original Fingertip experience to spice up your favorite CRM.

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Fingertip eases the common pains in leadership and daily work - in a new application built for Microsoft Teams. Streamline processes and management tools into one unified experience and system of record that makes you more productive in everything you do. Reach your most ambitious goals and produce value your customers are asking for.

Jaakko Pellosniemi. Fingertip Founder and CEO.

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Make the most of your CRM with perhaps the best Salesforce app

Gain more Value out of your Salesforce with better accountability and more engagement. From improved decision making and big picture, to details and progress visibility.

With Fingertip, you can transform your Salesforce environment to a comprehensive leadership environment for your customer success teams.

Get started with Fingertip for Salesforce and get the most out of CRM with Decision Making, Planning, Objectives and Activities.


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WEBINAR 1st of January, 2000, 13:00CET

Leaders of tomorrow

Webinar featuring Mike Tyson and Usain Bolt. Learn about what is expected of leaders in this day and age.

Fingertip – Lead your work and culture

Makes it easy to walk through life cycles of decisions and learn from past decisions.

Lead a modern organization with digital processes. Engage and get more done together.

Build detailed account plans for increased transparency and clear responsibilities

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Fingertip for Teams

The smarter platform for organizational communication and decision making.

Gain the most out of your Salesforce implementation with Fingertip

Lead your work and culture

Fingertip is the one-stop shop
for social and digital business

Create, collaborate, measure and learn
using perhaps the best Salesforce &
Microsoft Teams app ever!

Introducing our latest release Fingertip 7.5

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