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A Transformation Journey to Leadership & Decision Making

Developing leadership and decision making in an organization is not done overnight, even though they are key functions and processes with big impact on the success or failure of business. Maybe due to this, organizations courageous enough to tackle this are rare. With work and leadership undergoing so much change, investing in leadership and decision making should be on every organizations’ agenda. We at Fingertip have had the pleasure of working with one of

Takana ihana muutosmatka upean organisaation kanssa.

Puolitoistavuotta sitten starttasimme Työterveyslaitoksen kanssa kehittämistyöhön johon koronavuosi toi ennalta arvaamatonta lisämakua. Miten organisaatio voi siirtyä digitaaliseen päätöksentekoon, oppia ja kehittää johtamista?  Hankkeen päätösseminaari Päätöksenteko ja johtaminen – näkökulmia muutosmatkalta, oli hieno virtuaalinen tilaisuus joka kokosi yhteen Työterveyslaitoksen omien asiantuntijoiden sanoittamana huikeita näkökulmia isoon teemaan. Olin todella ylpeä ja

Building future organizations with social decision making

We’ve been running different kinds of decision making trainings and workshops with our customers for a long time. For example, onboarding new thinking and a digital way of making decisions, service designing decision making for situational awareness or focusing on improving accountability and collaboration. Leadership and

The four principles of sociocracy

Sociocracy consists of four fundamental principles. In this blog post, we will take a look at these principles and what they mean in practice. The first principle of sociocracy is that decisions need to be made in consensus. Only if no one raises justified objections will

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