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Fingertip Whitepaper:

Leading hybrid work in Microsoft Teams

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    Modern leadership is no easy feat. The speed at which organizations do business is increasing. Not to mention the technological advancements in recent years such as robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which are all transforming knowledge work as we know it. It also requires much more agility from modern leaders.


    What are the challenges of a Leader?

    • Leaders struggle for situational awareness.
    • To manage the demand of simply getting things done and delivered.
    • To be able to change the course of action.
    • And to empower their people and organization to success.


    This whitepaper is designed for the everyday leaders, navigating their way in the challenges of modern work. It gives food for thought about how leadership will look like in the future, as well as providing handy frameworks and methods for leaders to take up in their daily actions.

    We will also present the Fingertip App, which is a harmonic leadership system designed for Microsoft Teams, along with its benefits, as well as additional resources. Fingertip helps organizations make better decisions, reach their goals, and implement their strategy with Accountability, Transparency, Collaboration, and Documentation.

    Register now to get access to your copy! We hope you enjoy the read and learn something new about the next generation of leadership together with Fingertip and Microsoft Teams.

    Microsoft Teams has taken its place as a necessity among Microsoft’s office tools for many people. Teams is now actively used by more than 270 million people, up from 20 million in 2019. Every day, 200 million people take part in Teams online meetings, solidifying its status as the business standard for virtual and global teams, and hybrid work environments. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella underlines the impact of such platforms, saying ‘Teams has become as important as the internet browser or an operating system.’

    However, the platform is still far from ideal in providing the best employee experience from a leadership perspective, and its potential remains largely underutilized. Leadership in Teams falls short on strategic execution, operational productivity, and technology adoption. Fingertip has been designed to help leaders by providing innovative ways to solve these issues in one application.

    Microsoft Teams is a brilliant platform for online communication and collaboration. It does not function so well, however, in keeping track of your long term goals, commitments and activities. Messages drown in the channel feeds and we spent a lot of hours looking for information.

    The best Teams apps help people express themselves and work better together. Gain more value by increasing engagement and collaboration with Social Decision Making.

    True collaboration, with no silos for new value adding impact. With Fingertip, your communication isn’t just empty talk, but creates true accountability and movement.

    Interested to get started with Fingertip? Learn more about Fingertip’s unique Microsoft Teams application on a dedicated landing page.

    Explore Fingertip’s groundbreaking solutions built for Microsoft Teams

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      Make the right decisions together

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      Simplify task management

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