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Fingertip whitepapers

Free whitepaper: How to setup Social Decision Making in your business

Decision making is at the heart of organizational success. We’re all decision makers, both at work and in life. We make decisions all the time, subconscious ones, simple ones, and sometimes extremely hard ones. By making hard decisions, we get to exercise our normative power. However, making decisions isn’t always fun and easy but rather a necessity in life.

This whitepaper gives you a broad understanding of social, digital decision making and what first steps to take in your organization to make it happen.

Free whitepaper: How to setup Objectives and Key Results in your business

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) are a tool for measuring individual and organizational progress. They help people with goal setting and motivation. Many large companies have reported great benefits from implementing OKR. Google, LinkedIn and Intel to mention a few, have all been active advocates for OKR in a business context.

This whitepaper gives you a broad understanding of objectives management, and how Fingertip enables you to increase focus and alignment using the OKR framework.