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Fingertip Meetings

Organize interactive and productive meetings in Microsoft Teams

Digital meetings that get things done

Fingertip makes planning and holding meetings a breeze. Tie agenda items to concrete activities, decisions and objectives. Be productive, decisive and organized in your meetings.

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How does it work?

Fingertip revolutionizes setting up agendas for meetings, helping you pick the most relevant items and inviting the right people. See the video on how you can plan and run your meetings better with Fingertip.

What are the benefits?

1. Interactive agenda

Create a digital agenda for your meeting, with items tied to concrete tasks, decisions and objectives. Set timings and ensure productivity during meetings!

2. Calendar and Office integrations

Create a calendar invitation linked to your meeting, invite the relevant people and start collaborating asynchronously even before the actual meeting time. Export your agendas and notes to Word for simple documentation.

3. Accountable follow-up

Document the decisions you make and the follow-up items you agree on in Fingertip. Create measurable impact out of every meeting!

Getting started

digital meetings that get things done

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    Fingertip is a Finnish innovation company with 10 years of experience improving leadership and decision making of digital organizations.

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    How does it work? See the demo!

    Check out the 10 minute demo presenting the key features Fingertip offers to give you a simple way for agile, transparent and collaborative leadership. Our experts walk you through the key points of Fingertip and demonstrate some features and core functionalities of Fingertip for Microsoft Teams.

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