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Digital leadership is here – Fingertip’s Microsoft Teams product answers the challenges caused by the pandemic

Original article by Silja Laaksoharju, published in Finnish on (24.8.2021)

Jaakko Pellosniemi, a serial entrepreneur from Helsinki, Finland has been involved in a number of different industries, from video streaming to diagnostics and online payments. As a pioneer in multiple domains, one thing has stood out as a key learning: the importance of high-quality decision making in organizations. The realization was soon followed by the founding of Fingertip.

– The Fingertip story dates back to 2011, when I noticed many companies struggled with the quality and documentation of their decision making process. Every day we make decisions that influence the success of our own organization, and the success of our customers. Naturally it is important we are able to make the decisions together according to our best understanding.

Since then, Fingertip has transformed into a comprehensive application for leadership, where plans, tasks, meetings and objectives come to life.

Today, Fingertip is bringing efficient decision making and leadership on the wildly popular Microsoft Teams platform.

Agile organizational communication

The pandemic rushed the adoption of remote work and productivity software. The user count of Microsoft Teams exploded, but no common boundaries or rules were set for using the software.

Pellosniemi notes, that one of the reasons companies couldn’t capitalize on all the benefits of Teams was the large variance of technical capabilities.

– Discussions in Teams drowned in the hundreds of channels, and a huge amount of time was wasted looking for information. By using Fingertip, organizations could utilize Teams broadly in digital leadership and streamlining daily work. In a short period of time, we have managed to build a leadership system perfectly fit for Microsoft Teams.

Pilot customers have received the product positively. Soon, it will be available for everyone.

– We have showcased the solution to people in various industries, most of whom were fascinated with Fingertip. We have received nothing but encouraging feedback of our way of renewing leadership on digital platforms, Pellosniemi boasts. In the hands of pilot customers, Fingertip has proved invaluable for example in crowdsourced procurement decisions, executive teamwork, and digitizing the measurability of strategic initiatives. Pellosniemi believes that human imagination is the only limit for how Fingertip can adapt as the leadership system of a modern company.

– Each customer is unique with their leadership practices and challenges. Fingertip delights with its adaptability to different use cases. As a bonus, while we help customers, we are also learning immensely ourselves.

Fingertip allows the creation of meetings with interactive agendas, that tie decision making processes, transparent tasks and ambitious objectives to your digital meeting minutes.

The new normal in digital leadership

The abnormal situation has lasted for over a year and has only sped up digitalization of organizations’ communication.

– It’s both fascinating and terrifying to observe, as more and more aspects of knowledge work migrate to the internet. I believe that tools like Fingertip, utilizing co-leadership practices, can replenish social and humane aspects of knowledge work in hybrid organizations. They also unlock productivity opportunities by taking advantage of latest technology, Pellosniemi reasons.

Transferring to remote work has been a huge change in many industries, and there have been several negative consequences as well. Pellosniemi is a firm believer in innovation, and its potential of solving those issues stressing leaders all over the world.

– Innovative digital solutions can fix the gap in work alignment and measurability. And what could be a better platform than the one that already has most of knowledge workers constantly online – messaging and communication software like Microsoft Teams?

Change is slow

Pellosniemi knows from experience, that change and adoption are often slow and difficult processes. New ways of operating meet resistance more often than not.

– It is extremely important to carefully consider the rules and guides used to implement new practices. Patience is key, as well as instructions honed to the last detail. Beginning the implementation process starting from the top-down is another proven method to get people to use the platforms, he mentions.

Pellosniemi suggests organizations take an open mindset when it comes to digital platforms as a part of their daily leadership communication. He believes digital leadership has the potential to be an international trump card for Finland globally.

– The future approaches with an era of hybrid work and global virtual teams. No organization can start preparing too early. New tools and agile practices will undoubtedly penetrate work life. You want to join the party fast in order to get the first slices of the pie, Pellosniemi encourages.

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