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A Transformation Journey to Leadership & Decision Making

Developing leadership and decision making in an organization is not done overnight, even though they are key functions and processes with big impact on the success or failure of business. Maybe due to this, organizations courageous enough to tackle this are rare. With work and leadership undergoing so much change, investing in leadership and decision making should be on every organizations’ agenda. We at Fingertip have had the pleasure of working with one of

Takana ihana muutosmatka upean organisaation kanssa.

Puolitoistavuotta sitten starttasimme Työterveyslaitoksen kanssa kehittämistyöhön johon koronavuosi toi ennalta arvaamatonta lisämakua. Miten organisaatio voi siirtyä digitaaliseen päätöksentekoon, oppia ja kehittää johtamista?  Hankkeen päätösseminaari Päätöksenteko ja johtaminen – näkökulmia muutosmatkalta, oli hieno virtuaalinen tilaisuus joka kokosi yhteen Työterveyslaitoksen omien asiantuntijoiden sanoittamana huikeita näkökulmia isoon teemaan. Olin todella ylpeä ja

Communication is the key to success

Alarmingly many companies don’t have any internal communication guidelines in place. At least if you quote the experts of four technically advanced companies I interviewed in my master’s thesis. Modern organizations are extremely aware of their public image and have strict policies and guidelines for

Social Contribution and Digitizing Leadership

Would you like to get contribution and real-time feedback about your work? Evaluating contribution is an intriguing theme and maybe one of the hardest in work life. Think about decision making - why is it that those contributing during the lifecycle and process of decision making

Create the right focus using Leaders’ jobs to be done

Create the right focus using Leaders’ jobs to be done

Regardless of the industry or sector all leaders face similar struggles and have same things on agenda, regardless of industry. In fact, a Leader’s jobs to be done boil down to four essential elements. By acknowledging this, better processes for efficient leadership can be put

Beyond COVID-19 with resilient and engaged organizations

Not having all the answers leaves space for growth, learning, challenge, mistakes and innovation – all the things that make work and human encounter and engagement interesting. But this year we’ve all needed to respond to new unplanned situations where we don’t have all the

How to succeed in your digital tools landscape

How to succeed in your digital tools landscape

Digitalization has swept the business landscape by storm. New tools, apps and platforms pop up daily to try and make us more efficient, more organized, more anything. But the difference between beautiful synchronization and semi-controlled chaos is rather narrow. The tools themselves don’t do the

How to build and nurture a Digital Leadership Culture

Digital organizations have plenty of advantages over analogue ones. Their decision making is faster, and documentation is better. They are more agile and innovative. Digital tools allow automation to increase efficiency, and artificial intelligence is becoming more and more useful for assisting us in our daily tasks and decreasing decision fatigue.

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