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The role of strategy, and reaching goals on the Leader’s jobs to be done

The role of strategy, and reaching goals on the Leader’s jobs to be done

Every organization needs a strategy – we all agree on that. Strategy has been considered proprietary for the C-suite and board rooms. This narrow-minded thinking doesn’t encourage hard work done by the rest of the organization. Every division, department, team, and even individual needs a game plan, call it a strategy, mid-term plan, project, or even iteration. We need it for motivation and sense of direction but also to ensure individuals are working towards the same goal.

The leader’s job to be done boils down to setting and revising the strategy, identifying what matters, implementing, and achieving the goals, and above all making the necessary decisions together with the stakeholders.


  • Make the right decisions with confidence.
  • Manage your business planning and implementation processes with excellence.
  • Reach your objectives with transparency and accountability.
  • Lead the modern workforce with stimulating leadership systems.


We can’t afford to waste resources on inefficiencies. Managing the bureaucracy of objectives can be a tedious and time-consuming process if not done well. Leaders need transparency of the progress to be able to rightfully give feedback and grow the business.

Webinar: Focus and alignment with objectives - How OKRs can transform your organization.

Leadership is frustrated with lacking transparency and measurability in traditional OKR management. OKRs should be inspiring, uplifting and motivating, however the current tools and methodologies do not respect the individual’s need for simplicity, urgency, and uplifting comments for a job well done.

Smart Work & New way of Leadership with Fingertip

  1. Create strong focus
  2. Foster better alignment
  3. Drive value creation and impact
  4. Increase meaningful contribution
  5. Enable social decision making
  6. Embed fast learning cycles

Free whitepaper: How to setup Objectives and Key Results in your business

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) are a tool for measuring individual and organizational progress. They help people with goal setting and motivation.

This whitepaper gives you a broad understanding of objectives management, and how Fingertip enables you to increase focus and alignment using the OKR framework.

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Objectives and Key Results

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