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Set a clear direction with Objectives

Use Fingertip across your organization to tie decision making and strategic planning with accountable execution. Objectives and Key Results align the teams and individuals to business objectives.

Fingertip is a native Salesforce application, which lets you work in clear collaboration with your team, department, and organization. With our OKR feature you can set ambitious objectives easily and intuitively, and focus on challenges without fear of failing and see your achievements easily.

Benefits of tracking your OKRs

Outcome Focus

Set goals together and follow their progress easily. Focus on the outcomes and increase the self-direction of your organization.


Align strategies and personal level objectives. Empower people to take responsibility in their own daily work.


Visualize personal impact and achievements to build meaningfulness in the workplace.

Deliver the results and outcomes that matter.

Fingertip is a leadership App, critical thinking Framework, and ongoing Discipline that seeks to ensure employees work together focusing their efforts to make measurable decisions and contributions that drive the organization forward.

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Gather items for larger concepts or structured processes. Use a visual list and prioritize, categorize and discuss. Involve the right stakeholders using the RACI model and gain accountability.


Used for something measurable that should be achieved. Set targets and goals for future for improvement. Measure goals and key results. Follow and discuss status and values over time.


The core process of knowledge work in Fingertip. A Decision collects together all the phases of decision making and allow full transparency to all involved stakeholders.


Something that needs to be done. Assign tasks to users or groups and set a due date and follow the execution. Communicate the status with others with task stages.

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