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The #32leadershipskills you need in 2021

We have begun listing our 32 most important skills for leaders in 2021. See the gradually updating list at the dedicated landing page: The #32leadershipskills you need in 2021

This series is intended to anyone wishing to become a better leader. Each week, we will open our knowledge about leadership in the digital era.

We address leadership as a broad topic with internal and external challenges. Leadership is everyday actions and long term commitment that define us as human. Leadership can be focused on individuals or collective. The 32 leadership skills that will be featured are visualized below, as well as the framework we have depicted them in. The colored and numbered topics have already been covered at the time of publishing.

Our framework considers leadership through two variables: The passive-(re)active axle, where we consider inherent and consistent (passive) skills vs adapting to a changing or new situation. The horizontal, “self-social”-axle separates skills important for leader themselves to skills important to enable effective collaboration with others. Our ability to work relies on our personal skills, yet no organization works in a vacuum so its important to be able to work together as well.

There are as many leadership styles as there are leaders, but certain skills and values make great leaders. We want to offer our take what those are, and how you can start improving as a leader right now. These might spark fundamental changes in your thinking, but will also include concrete day-to-day tips anyone can take advantage of.

See the gradually updating list at the dedicated landing page:
The #32leadershipskills you need in 2021

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