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Create the right focus using Leaders’ jobs to be done

Create the right focus using Leaders’ jobs to be done

Regardless of the industry or sector all leaders face similar struggles and have same things on agenda, regardless of industry. In fact, a Leader’s jobs to be done boil down to four essential elements. By acknowledging this, better processes for efficient leadership can be put into place.

Figure 1: Leader's Jobs to be Done.

Make the right decisions with confidence

Increase the productivity of knowledge work by making better decisions is the number one task for a leader. You need confidence and a transparent process where the right people get to voice their opinions. You also want to document decisions with accurate processes how they were made. By following this rule, you can easily copy a good decision or learn from your mistakes with a clear evaluation process.

Manage your business planning and implementation processes with excellence

Another essential matter is to lead everything from an idea to planning, implementation and execution in compliance to the company strategy. This is not easy and successful leadership requires a lot of experience. There are a lot of challenges that comes along the way: Pressure from the board, dissatisfied employees, a rapidly changing global market, time pressure – the list goes on. Yet, you need efficient processes so that your company will perform.

Reach your objectives with transparency and accountability

A great leader reaches their measurable results to ensure the business continuity. Transparency and accountability are key elements when it comes to reaching the individual, team, and company objectives. They should also align with the strategy of the company. These two aspects lead to everyone having a clear idea of the objectives, as well as feel the ownership to contribute and get there.

Lead the modern workforce with stimulating leadership systems

In previous blogs we have discussed how to stay efficient when working remotely and myths about digital teamwork. Essentially, it all boils down to having employees that feel empowered and are willing to perform their best for the success of your company. The young workforce is demanding. Maximizing your capabilities by stimulating your employees with modern leadership systems is key. You can do this for example by using Fingertip. Learn more about Fingertip’s leadership system and how to get started.

With the leader’s four main jobs in in mind we need to consider which parts are our strengths and which parts we might need to ask for help with. Fingertip offers a full stack service for leaders to make decision making, planning and execution easier.

Leadership is a driving factor in the success of a business particularly in this age of digital. The pace of change means that today’s leaders need to be reactive and proactive in the face of challenges. A successful digital leader also must bear in mind that while technology is important, the people part of transformation is just as crucial.

This whitepaper gives you a broad understanding of Fingertip approach to modern Digital Leadership, and what steps can you start taking right now to start moving in the right direction. Download the whitepaper for free.

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