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Leading successfully in the digital age

Our Leadership Platform maintains a good balance of simplicity and function and helps you bring your business to life. Fingertip brings people, business and customers together to work on delightful solutions.
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Take up digital leadership to supercharge your organization

Dynamic and healthy strategy for emergent and agile organizations. Include the value of resilience, speed and learning.

All-in-one business leadership

Overcome your challenges and reach your goals. Use Fingertip for Digital Leadership and achieve faster, higher quality results with increased employee and customer satisfaction.

All-in-one business leadership

Fingertip facilitates project management, decisions, plans, executions, and activities. Use Fingertip across organization to tie decision making and strategic planning with accountable execution.

Lead a modern workforce on the #1 CRM platform

Fingertip is a Salesforce app, that works at the office or on-the-go, fulfilling the multifaceted needs of today’s business environment. Engaging collaboration for daily leadership and success.

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Fingertip offers peace of mind for business planning and processes. Gather items for larger concepts or structured processes. Use a visual list and prioritize, categorize and discuss. Involve the right stakeholders using the RACI model and gain accountability.


Gain permanent transparency and accountability in your objectives. Used for something measurable that should be achieved. Set targets and goals for future for improvement. Measure goals and key results. Follow and discuss status and values over time.


Fingertip gives you the confidence to make the right decisions. Decisions are a core process of knowledge work, and you can do it better with Fingertip. A Decision collects together all the phases of decision making and allow full transparency to all involved stakeholders.


Lead a modern workforce with Fingertip Tasks. Assign tasks to users or groups and set a due date and follow the execution. Communicate the status with others using task stages and traffic lights.

Start using Fingertip and bring your
information flow together!

Fingertip is a leadership App, critical thinking Framework, and ongoing Discipline that seeks to ensure employees work together focusing their efforts to make measurable decisions and contributions that drive the organization forward.

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