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Better decisions with Salesforce

Salesforce is the most popular CRM platform online, yet it still only covers some of the daily activities a knowledge worker engages in. The implementation and adoption of a new CRM system is an investment along an investment comes the expectation to have a return on it.

Unfortunately, some organizations are unhappy with the results after the implementation which often times originates from a poor adoption. The adoption process is often time-consuming and costly, involving a lot of unnecessary development and configuration. This in its turn could be because daily tasks, planning, account management, decisions and objectives are not happening in Salesforce.

We should ask ourselves, what are the priorities of companies to become more people-oriented and digital? Why Salesforce adoption is so hard, and how to make it easier? And finally, how Fingertip enables better decision making and leadership with Salesforce?

This blog post is an introduction to how we at Fingertip, are addressing adoption and impact challenges. We would also like to invite you to our webinar on the same topic for further insight. The webinar is recommended to all organizations currently using Salesforce or considering it as their Customer Success Platform.

On-demand Webinar: How to make better decisions using Salesforce with Fingertip, click here to read more and watch

Fingertip offers a managed packaged solution to expand your Salesforce CRM to areas like decision making, project management and objectives. We transform your Salesforce CRM to a social business management and collaboration platform, simultaneously streamlining buy-in and adoption.

Fingertip is what truly transforms your Salesforce CRM to a social platform to facilitate work and leadership digitally. Become a more people-oriented organization and give yourself the best opportunity for making great decisions. We call this methodology Social Decision Making.

Bringing the daily activities closer to the CRM has proven to increase the engagement in organizations. Fingertip is easy to adopt, it’s intuitive and as a native Salesforce application it’s part of the familiar environment. Processes become more coherent and streamlined when the threshold for collaboration between different teams and departments is removed.

Our customers have been thrilled to do the planning of their account management and run their meetings digitally on the same platform as their account information already exist on. Decisions should be made as close to the customer as possible. Fingertip improves the clock speed for decision making which is a crucial factor in today’s volatile and changing market.

Moreover, Fingertip decreases the time is used for documentation and makes on and off boarding significantly easier. All this thanks to the fact that the full audit trail of what you, your team and your organization is doing and have done becomes transparent in the application.

One very concrete example from a customer is wanting to tie certain decisions certain customers and certain objectives to individuals and teams while making sure they align with the organizational strategy. If I as an account manager want to give a customer a discount in exchange for increased sales next year, I want it approved my team and superiors, digitally and with the appropriate documentation. This can all be done within a few minutes in Fingertip.

Fingertip is for you, if you wish to increase your level of digitalization and manage strategy, operations, and decision making more effectively! Feel free to reach out and book a 30min timeslot to discuss the topics around Social Decision Making further.

Watch the webinar on-demand

Fingertip has produced a 22-page whitepaper, which gives you a comprehensive understanding of social, digital decision making and what first steps to take in your organization to start making better decisions today.

You can download the How to build your Social Decision Making business culture -whitepaper for free.

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Social Decision Making

Fingertip offers a unique solution for combining your organization knowledge with a holistic decision making process and reasoning into a transparent online process

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