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How to create a social decision making culture – digitally.

The future of work is today. It is collaborative and social. It is happening in ecosystems and platforms, and it is more and more digital. But it is done by individuals. We need to tie together the insights, understanding, skills, accountabilities, and decision making.

Fingertip was founded by Jaakko Pellosniemi in 2011 with a simple goal in mind, to re-invent the way organizations make decisions with the hypothesis that the easiest way to impact productivity, and work satisfaction is to concentrate on decision making. We saw social collaboration taking off, but there were too much inefficiency and too many silos. Truly digital organizations were still rare.

Remote, distributed teams, purpose, efficiency, and productivity – A motivated organization, aligned for focus and goals, adapting to the changing situations and different scenarios. Getting things done is a matter of learning how to manage dozens, even hundreds of moving parts. To succeed we also need the commitment and passion of people.  How to manage and lead this?

On-demand Webinar: How to make better decisions using Salesforce with Fingertip, click here to read more and watch

Social decision making brings together the relevant people with the insight, skills, and accountability to find the best solutions, make confident decisions, and implement them well. Together.

Empower employees to take initiative, making the work more purposeful and people more committed. Use social decision making to build a digital work culture to ensure your success. You can with ease ramp up your remote working capabilities in digital teamwork and leadership.

Are you ready to question your decision making abilities and to learn more of the possibilities and potential hidden in the concept of social decision making and better-made decisions? Join our webinar you will get an introduction to social decision making.


About the Webinar How to create a social decision making culture – digitally?

Milla Nevanlinna, CRO of Fingertip, shares experiences on how to create a collaborative culture on the basics of social decision making.  Milla is devoted to changing the way organizations make decisions. She is passionate about the possibilities of social decision making improving productivity and work wellbeing and has facilitated digital decision making and leadership transformation in 30+ organizations.

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Fingertip has produced a 22-page whitepaper, which gives you a comprehensive understanding of social, digital decision making and what first steps to take in your organization to start making better decisions today.

You can download the How to build your Social Decision Making business culture -whitepaper for free.

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Social Decision Making

Fingertip offers a unique solution for combining your organization knowledge with a holistic decision making process and reasoning into a transparent online process

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