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Building future organizations with social decision making

We’ve been running different kinds of decision making trainings and workshops with our customers for a long time. For example, onboarding new thinking and a digital way of making decisions, service designing decision making for situational awareness or focusing on improving accountability and collaboration.

Leadership and work is undergoing a systemic change and digitization, which is the dna of Fingertip leadership App as well as our social decision making methodology. Fingertip was founded to support asyncronic collaboration, help gather insight and commitment for multi stakeholder decision making and to improve productivity while focusing on purpose and impact at the same time.

Now with the remote and distributed work shift that has taken place this year, we realized that organizations are struggling with efficiency and clock speed of decision making.

Social Decision Making Masterclass

We decided to offer our Social Decision Making training as an open masterclass. In comparison to traditional training courses, we also provided a digital experience. During the 5-week journey participants had the chance to set up their own Fingertip digital environment for social decision making with the personal guidance of a Fingertip expert and to use this with their own organization. The weekly Friday morning sessions were held online, which supported the digital learning related to the theme and made it easier to fit into busy schedules.

The masterclass consisted of 4 sessions focusing on different elements of decision making, exercises and reading material, and one session taking this all into digital action:

  • Social Decision Making fundamentals & Quality
  • The Life Cycle & process of Decision Making
  • Accountability and different Roles in Decision Making
  • Evaluating the Executed outcomes and contribution to Decision Making

Overwhelming response

Are you interested in understanding the role of decisions in today’s complex and constantly transforming organizational reality? Then improving your organizations decision making capabilities should be on your agenda. It is a quest of thinking and doing – skills and tools.

Here’s what some participants thought of how the masterclass improved their capabilities:

  • “One of my passions is to help others to succeed. In this extremely special time, it is crucial to understand new ways of doing business, and how to do things more digitally and in decentralized way, and if needed via networks.”
  • “My previous roles have been in data management and related organizational processes: people who make organizational decisions based on data are at the heart of my work. I feel that this course brings a lot of new perspectives on what I am already fascinated with.”
  • “We are looking for a way to have decisions made on as low level in the organization as possible, aiming to flatten and speed up. We need to improve our productivity. This is just what we need!”
  • “For me, Fingertip’s Social decision making service represents new opportunities to understand how to build and create new methods development of management systems.”
  • “I want to be an awesome leader someday, in the near future. I believe this course gives more tools to my belt to make my plans work for me and my employer.”

Best feedback summarized the experience well; “These Friday mornings together have been a true highlight – when does Masterclass #2 start?”

Interested to learn more?

Social Decision Making masterclass is a unique opportunity to expand your vision and expertise in organizational leadership and development. It provides a wonderful way of focused thinking on a topic that is rarely touched.

Decision making is the fastest way to development organizational performance and get visible value to business. It is also a process that touches everyone in the organization whether it is strategic, operative or tactical – best decisions are made together with visible alignment and measured for outcome.

We’re currently accepting applications for the next Decision Making Masterclass to be started on 29.01.2021 Apply now!

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