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What we learned about Microsoft Teams use in 2022 from 100 Finnish CEOs

The pandemic has been one of the biggest influences in online collaboration and communication tool adoption. Last year, Fingertip launched an initiative to bring a new best-in-class solution for organizing business using Microsoft Teams. As part of our go-to-market preparation, we discussed with around 100 CEOs in Microsoft365 organizations to understand the need and the ambitions they have for making their platforms as productive as possible.

Years 2020 and 2021 were certainly not easy to any industry. Having to adapt with restrictions and mandates on seeing other people, wearing masks, or visiting restaurants and travelling, have influenced every one of us in our personal and vocational life.

For knowledge work, the pandemic meant a shift to online and remote work. Teams, the team communication platform by Microsoft, exploded in popularity, and has increased daily user counts almost 10-fold in the past two years. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that Teams has become as important as the internet browser or an operating system.

From interviewing 100 CEOs of businesses already using M365 as their go to office tools, we learned that a huge majority of them use Microsoft Teams for meeting online. We also learned how they are planning on improving leadership communications using Teams.


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