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A new level of abstraction above traditional project management

Although widely used in project planning in the present day, Gantt charts were considered revolutionary when introduced, named after its inventor, Henry Gantt in the 1910s. Gantt used the chart to provide a visual picture of the Hoover Dam project so that everyone involved could see when the individual construction phases were scheduled to take place. 

The Great Pyramid of Giza are said to be built using project management like strategies, and the Great Wall of China by organizing specific tasks to 3 different groups of people for more efficient progress.  

Getting work done is hard. Getting work done together is even harder. Establishing a complete project overview enables you to see what is going on. This is something already the Egyptians knew.  

Are organizational changes hampering progress? Having difficulty achieving a consistent, reliable project governance? Are you able to maintain focus and long-term gains? Facing documentation issues – Lots of tedious PowerPoint and Excel work to consolidate information just to realize the documents are always outdated? Is your project management approach more reporting- and less decision-oriented? 

What is PMO?

Project Management Office (PMO) is considered the focal entity within an organization that inspires innovation and renewal, sets standards, provides governance, enforces accountability, and establishes discipline to manage collections of projects, decisions and tasks in an objective, consistent and decision centric manner. 

Its mandate typically includes serving as a capability partner to other organizational units, and creating a communication and decision making platform that results in organization- wide efficiencies and synergies.  

The PMO broadly addresses organizational development needs from bringing the customer closer, professionally managing decision making to understand the big picture, improving holistically the way the job is done, and finally affecting the organizational culture and offering leadership platform for the management.

The PMO is often considered the missing link between the HQ driven mode of operation standardization urge and the everyday work and routines to build value for customers. 

  1. FUNCTIONAL. The first component of a PMO is its function, role or scope within the organization
  2. STRUCTURAL. The second component of a PMO is its structure or foundation –the quality of this foundation forms the basis of a formidable PMO. The people, processes, tools and technology.
  3. DISCIPLINARY. The third component of a PMO is the extensiveness of the decision management related disciplines it covers resulting in broad adoption. 

Instead of wasting time trying to manage information across fragmented systems, organization silos, files, instant messages and email threads, Fingertip empowers people to collaborate transparently, commit to decisions and create accountability for execution directly within Salesforce.  

Fingertip’s PMO solution creates a digital standard for strategy implementation. Context based dialogue and collaborative decision making keeps stakeholders informed and aligned with high satisfaction. Integrated meeting management solution is object based and runs in the PMO environment. You can discuss and share information about projects transparently without additional reporting. This means less and more efficient meetings. Decisions are discussed and made outside of meetings digitally together. 

Fingertip maintains a good balance of simplicity and function and helps you bring your business to life. Innovative, yes? Noteworthy to mention that Hoover Dam was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1985, cited for its engineering innovations.

Check out our PMO solution page for more information!

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