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Fingertip blog: Gain an extra hour to every working day

Gain an extra hour to every working day

Being a leader today can be exhausting. You must answer to your people, as well as to your leadership. You struggle for situational awareness, to manage the demand of simply getting things done and delivered, to be able to change the course of action, and to empower their people and organization to success. For a leader, the hours in a working day often run out.

Digital tools seem like an obvious answer to enable a faster leadership process to save time. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated, that Teams is becoming as important as the internet browser or an operating system. We’ve discovered that Microsoft Teams is currently essential to a huge number of organizations. And not just for communication, but leadership as well.

We can observe several global trends contributing to Teams’ success:

  1. After the pandemic, work is going online with the rapid adoption of Hybrid work models, which permanently changes the way we operate and lead people. Organizations of all shapes and sizes now depend on Teams for communication, collaboration, and meetings. Business continuity now depends on it.
  2. Leading analytics organizations, like McKinsey and Gartner, have identified Collaborative decision making as the biggest challenge, companies are set to solve.
  3. Organizations across the globe have taken the Microsoft Teams platform by storm, and they only yearn for more: The ability to organize, lead, and tackle issues together; to solve customer issues with better accountability. Many organizations are looking at Teams apps as a way to amplify the platform’s capabilities.

We have made Teams our default place for hybrid work, but its applicability in leadership remains poor. While hundreds of millions of people are on Teams every day, it’s not yet collaborative enough to increase productivity, or transparent enough to help strategic alignment. Teams is the organization’s operating system, yet it still lacks many of the core employee experience and leadership layers that can benefit any organization from the leadership team to each individual employee.

Leadership’s goal is to coordinate multiple people’s efforts into commonly desired outcomes. Great leadership requires efficiently utilizing the strengths of different members of the team and promoting trial and error to create learning and new experimentation. It needs to provide an Accountable, Collaborative, Documented, and Transparent system for work.

Fingertip’s tangible benefits

Leadership is communication, which is at the heart of Fingertip’s design. It makes Microsoft Teams more appealing for leaders in many ways. Teams and Channels are used to control access and visibility so new information load isn’t overbearing. The platform synchronizes teams and individuals with transparent tasks, goals, decisions, plans, and meetings, with clear roles and responsibilities.

From experience, we have measured huge impact from Fingertip to knowledge work:

  1. Fingertip’s transparency through the entire organization ensures you and your team know what’s happening and are in real-time control. With less reporting and communication, you can gain up to an hour a day!
  2. With Fingertip, strategy becomes a dynamic part of daily operations, while shared purpose and ownership create commitment. When people feel their job matters, they are 41% more likely to succeed in the implementation.
  3. Fingertip helps create a collaborative environment for leadership by reducing poor cohesion and engaging diverse teams. Deciding along with more people improves collective understanding and decision quality up to three-fold.
  4. Fingertip lets you document the long-term strategy in an inclusive way and connects discussions related to processes intuitively. When documentation is created as the work is done, the need for reporting can be reduced by around 31%.

The best part is, that these are just a few of the tangible benefits Fingertip customers have reported since they started using the platform. Because Fingertip is there for you and your teams, and not the other way around, the opportunity for you to improve modern work for your whole organization is limitless.

The quicker you start with the first team or initiative, the sooner you will be cashing in on the benefits and resolving the pains and roadblocks that are slowing down your organization today.

Our brand new hybrid work guide dives deeper into the intricacies of modern leadership in Microsoft Teams, and how you can take that one step further with Fingertip.

Follow the link to download your copy of the Fingertip whitepaper: Leading hybrid work in Microsoft Teams.

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