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Simplifying the judging experience – Customer success story

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ is a program ongoing globally for more than 30 years, organized by local branches of EY. The goal is to promote entrepreneurship and help networking and information transfer to and from innovative entrepreneurs around the world. In the past years, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition was judged differently everywhere. There was no uniform way of organizing the process and the criteria could also differ by location. EY Finland wanted to make the process more enjoyable for the guest judges by implementing an intuitive system to use the global criteria defined for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

From static to dynamic

Fingertip developed a completely new App to facilitate the candidates and judging. The implementation was visually pleasing and allowed the judges to easily find information and financial figures of the candidates and their companies. The judges could discuss about different candidates and use the interface to rate them. The platform enabled a digital judging process all the way to selecting the finalists and winners.

With Fingertip, we were able to move the EY Entrepreneur of the Year judging process to a modern, interactive online platform. Determining who to rate and learning more about the nominees has never been this easy!

Anna Pyykkö, Entrepreneur of the Year Finland Program Manager, EY

Easy and mobile

The App was used in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 competition in Finland. The App gained huge success in engaging the judges, who could easily rate all the candidates. The dashboard allowed them to see what they still needed to do and who to rate, and they had a view into what others were voting for as well.

The judged complimented the App for making the judging process extremely easy. Rather than the old unintuitive spreadsheets and scattered information, the interface made it easy to judge the candidates – also on mobile! There was immediate interest for the App in other EY locations organizing their own EY Entrepreneur of the Year competitions as well.

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