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We implement our strategy through a digital objectives framework in Fingertip. Fingertip visualizes our objectives and provides us the needed alignment throughout the business units. The transparency and role-based platform helps us to successfully achieve our short and long term goals, as a unified team.

Mikko Ali-Melkkilä, Managing Director



The leadership of the newly formed company comprised of four different companies and two production sites needed a way of implementing their fresh strategy and managing the related key initiatives. The team members were physically located at different sites and needed a framework for joint alignment. The team had good experiences of Objectives and Key Results goal setting method but was lacking a solution to manage and track the progress of activities.



A fully digital and real-time Objectives and Key Results framework was implemented in Fingertip. The framework visualizes the chosen strategic paths which in turn are split into clear objectives and key results on a three-year, yearly and trimester basis. For each objective an owner is appointed, while the leadership team shares the responsibility for the entire strategy portfolio. Fingertip was used to model the strategy, define the objectives and key results and to transparently follow the progress, as an aligned team.



With Fingertip, the Brukett leadership team can efficiently follow up the strategy and its underlying streams. Fingertip gives an overview of the entire strategy while tying together the plan and the action. The work around strategy is more efficient, ongoing and focused.

“The clear benefit of using Fingertip for our strategy execution is that the strategy stays on top of our minds and our weekly and daily actions are connected to the agreed strategic goals. Additionally, goals of a more qualitative type, important for the success of our company, are not forgotten. Fingertip helps us to reach our long-term goals. The transparency on the strategy as a whole prevents us from working in silos, while having clear accountabilities for the different strategic streams. Now, the only thing I need to make sure of is that we set meaningful objectives!”, says Managing Director Mikko Ali-Melkkilä.

Brukett is a Finnish house full of hand-picked,  drinkable experiences with a portfolio of ecologically sustainable drink brands. Brukett’s production site and visitor center are located in the beautiful Fiskars village.

With Fingertip, we were able to move the EY Entrepreneur of the Year judging process to a modern, interactive online platform. Determining who to rate and learning more about the nominees has never been this easy!

Anna Pyykkö, Program Manager

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Candidate App


In the past years, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition was judged differently everywhere. There was no uniform way of organizing the process and the criteria could also differ by location. EY Finland wanted to make the process more enjoyable for the guest judges by implementing an intuitive system to use the global criteria defined for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition.



Fingertip developed a completely new App to facilitate the candidates and judging. The implementation was visually pleasing and allowed the judges to easily find information and financial figures of the candidates and their companies. The judges could discuss about different candidates and use the interface to rate them. The platform enabled a digital judging process all the way to selecting the finalists and winners.



The App was used in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 competition in Finland. The App gained huge success in engaging the judges, who could easily rate all the candidates. The dashboard allowed them to see what they still needed to do and who to rate, and they had a view into what others were voting for as well.

The judges complimented the App for making the judging process extremely easy. Rather than the old unintuitive spreadsheets and scattered information, the interface made it easy to judge the candidates – also on mobile! There was immediate interest for the App in other EY locations organizing their own EY Entrepreneur of the Year competitions as well.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ is a program ongoing globally for more than 30 years, organized by local branches of EY. The goal is to promote entrepreneurship and help networking and information transfer to and from innovative entrepreneurs around the world.

Fingertip has been nothing short of fantastic, as it gives us real-time, transparent overview of our different ongoing bidding activities. Responsibilities are clear and Fingertip helps us to manage our work. We are also getting valuable insight from the data!

Johan Odeberg, CEO

Pontarius AB


Pontarius was searching for a more effective and transparent way to organize their bidding process. Before Fingertip, the bidding team controlled the RFPs and bids in spreadsheets and documents, without transparency in the process. It was crucial for the team to have a shared view of different bidding activities which enabled them to effectively agree on resourcing and having clear follow-up of important deadlines.



Fingertip was implemented as a digital platform for Pontarius’ bidding process. New bids are created in Fingertip and it acts as a digital check list for managing the details of the bid (geography, type and deadlines). A digital process was modelled within Fingertip in a way that the bids proceed from one phase to the other. Traffic lights give a real-time view of the status of the bid. Resourcing is intelligent since Fingertip provides an overview of the workload of each team member. Team members easily find the bids they are accountable for and receive reminders when deadlines are approaching.



The digital bidding process has completely replaced spreadsheets as a planning & follow-up tool at Pontarius. It serves as a situation room for the bidding team and facilitates the decision making regarding each bid at the weekly meetings. It provides a digital work queue for each team member and ensures a safe and robust way to manage the work. Responsibilities and roles are clearer than before.

Pontarius leadership celebrate the transparency and clarity in Fingertip, while it enables them to follow the progress and the reasoning for decision making regarding each RFP. Data insights guide the team towards better productivity. The bidding process is one of the most critical business processes for Pontarius since it prioritizes and guides the operations of the company.

Pontarius is a Swedish construction consultancy based in Stockholm. They apply a holistic approach, utilizing their knowledge and expertise in business development, finance, law, management and technology in planning, implementation and follow-up of construction projects of all sizes.

Fingertip brings us everything we need for organizing our customer data and allows us to have clear processes for making decisions and planning our operations.

Mika Laakkonen, CEO and Partner



When we started working with Avantopool, they hadn’t implemented any business tools yet. They had a dire need for CRM to manage their growing customer base, related communication and next steps. Another requirement was the involving of their own re-seller partners on the platform.

Avantopool needed a platform for planning, decision making and project management. They were keen on the idea of having an audit trail and due diligence readiness. In the long run board members and shareholders would also be included on the platform.



We implemented Fingertip to be the customer’s Business Management and CRM tool. They integrated their Outlook with Fingertip to improve their transparency and automate logging.



Fingertip allows Avantopool to have all customer data in one-place, accessible by the whole team, with next steps assigned and scheduled. With Fingertip, They are able to have clear processes and a single place for decision making and planning.

The platform duplicates as a tool for meeting management, including board use. Later it allows inclusion of re-sellers and partners on the platform, that is owned and managed by the company.

Avantopool is a start-up speeding up recovery among athletes and other active people alike. Their product Kinos makes cold therapy easily accessible, improving recovery times from exercise or injury.

Our work around our strategy is more efficient, ongoing and focused than before.  Now, our strategy is really a part of our everyday work. Fingertip platform ties together the strategy, planning, actions, discussions and decisions in our organization.

Clas Fredman, CEO

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Fredman Group


The leadership team and board of Fredman Group had created an ambitious  strategic execution framework including all key initiatives and projects. But as this was done in the traditional way, with powerpoint and pdf documents, it was a static way to follow-up the status and progress.

The board and the management team were interested in discovering a modern and dynamic way to plan, execute, monitor and communicate the strategic projects.



A fully digital strategic execution framework with Fingertip was implemented for Fredman Group’s board and leadership team. The platform includes all key elements for digital leadership such as  planning, objectives, decision making, execution and communication. The gamification module was also taken into use.

Fingertip was installed in Fredman Group’s Salesforce environment, enabling linking the planning and decisions to customer data in their CRM. The team was up and running with Fingertip within a few weeks.



With Fingertip, the Fredman Group board can follow up the strategy, its subtitles and progress of the work being done, in one platform. Fingertip brings together the plan to action.  The discussions around the strategy is done within a specific plan,  hence they can see what discussions took them to that specific decision. The work around their strategy is more efficient, ongoing and focused than before and they got rid of powerpoints, excel sheets and emails .

Fredman Group is a Finnish family-owned business striving to create the perfect kitchen. Fredman Group operates together with a broad network of professionals to make commercial kitchens intelligent, high-quality, efficient and safe.

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