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Perfecting the bidding process digitally – Customer success story

Pontarius, a Swedish construction consultancy based in Stockholm, was searching for a more effective and transparent way to organize their bidding process. Before Fingertip, the bidding team controlled the RFPs and bids in spreadsheets and documents, without transparency in the process. It was crucial for the team to have a shared view of different bidding activities which enabled them to effectively agree on resourcing and having clear follow-up of important deadlines.

Fingertip was implemented as a digital platform for Pontarius’ bidding process. New bids are created in Fingertip and it acts as a digital check list for managing the details of the bid (geography, type and deadlines). A digital process was modelled within Fingertip in a way that the bids proceed from one phase to the other. Traffic lights give a real-time view of the status of the bid. Resourcing is intelligent since Fingertip provides an overview of the workload of each team member. Team members easily find the bids they are accountable for and receive reminders when deadlines are approaching.

Fingertip has been nothing short of fantastic, as it gives us real-time, transparent overview of our different ongoing bidding activities. Responsibilities are clear and Fingertip helps us to manage our work. We are also getting valuable insight from the data!

Johan Odeberg, CEO, Pontarius AB

Impact from a digital process

The digital bidding process has completely replaced spreadsheets as a planning & follow-up tool at Pontarius. It serves as a situation room for the bidding team and facilitates the decision making regarding each bid at the weekly meetings. It provides a digital work queue for each team member and ensures a safe and robust way to manage the work. Responsibilities and roles are clearer than before.

Pontarius leadership celebrate the transparency and clarity in Fingertip. It enables them to follow the progress and the reasoning for decision making regarding each RFP. Data insights guide the team towards better productivity. The bidding process is one of the most critical business processes for Pontarius since it prioritizes and guides the operations of the company.

Pontarius is a Swedish construction consultancy based in Stockholm. They apply a holistic approach, utilizing their knowledge and expertise in business development, finance, law, management and technology in planning, implementation and follow-up of construction projects of all sizes.

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