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High impact measurement to boost value creation

Fingertip’s leadership solutions are truly one-size-fits-many for a vast array of agile companies in all industries. To Brukett, a high-end beverage house from Finland, Fingertip offered a strategic follow-up and alignment platform. It has brought the short and long term strategies concretely closer to the daily operations, and increased visibility to responsibilities.

Combining four companies under one roof with a fresh strategy

Brukett stands for sustainability, communality, and craftsmanship. The brand Brukett was established in 2021 after merging the breweries Suomenlinnan Panimo and Fiskarsin Panimo, urban winery Noita and Ägräs Distillery into a successful import and distribution business within the drinks industry.

Operating in two historic locations in Finland, Brukett wanted to find a way to align the dispersed teams, and track progress towards their newly established strategic goals. They had opted for the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework, from which they had previous positive experiences. Brukett’s Managing Director Mikko Ali-Melkkilä set out to find the perfect platform to host the strategic goal setting processes. He discovered Fingertip, which checked all the necessary boxes.

Digital objective framework to the rescue

During 2021 Brukett introduced Fingertip as the chosen framework for their OKR management. It offered them a well-oiled engine to set, follow, and reach their objectives with clear responsibilities and transparency. Fingertip gives a real-time overview, as well as detailed drilldowns to the objectives, dynamically connected to the organization’s strategy. 

Fingertip visualizes our objectives and provides us the needed alignment throughout the business units. The transparency and role-based platform helps us to successfully achieve our short- and long-term goals, as a unified team” -Mikko Ali-Melkkilä, Managing Director, Brukett. 

All objectives have an owner, who is accountable for keeping the goal in focus. Meanwhile, the leadership team has the strategy portfolio on their table and are able to reflect on the goals and their progress to the big picture. Fingertip gives the team a chance to gradually improve the accuracy of their goal setting and adjust operations by highlighting any issues instantly and transparently. 

Well aligned value streams and prioritization

With the onboarding to Fingertip, Brukett has experienced a boost in efficiency. The leadership team is able to follow up on strategy and how that relates to the activities happening daily.

“The clear benefit of using Fingertip for our strategy execution is that the strategy stays on top of our minds and our weekly and daily actions are connected to the agreed strategic goals.” -Mikko Ali-Melkkilä, Managing Director, Brukett. 

Fingertip allows measuring both quantitative and qualitative objectives, making it ideal for the team that strives for high-end craft products. As a result of Fingertip, the teams are no longer working in silos, redundant communication has decreased, and reporting has become less of a chore.

Brukett is a Finnish house of drinkable experiences with a portfolio of ecologically sustainable drink brands.  Brukett’s production site and visitor center are located in the beautiful Fiskars Village.

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