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Sales and Account Management with Fingertip

Towards Modern and Resilient Sales Organization


Fingertip helps sales teams to align to company strategy and derive the sales objectives and initiatives accordingly. Sales development, collaboration, and customer knowledge sharing can happen in one place, helping sales professionals and domain experts work together – dynamically – towards customer’s success.


Know what your customers want before they do. Sales Teams need to capture the essentials from customers and markets – even on the go! Fingertip provides a Sales Excellence platform for teams to develop customer solutions, sales capability and velocity. With Fingertip you maximize the efficiency and productivity of sales effort and minimize the complexity and bureaucracy.

Start using Fingertip for your
Sales & Account Management

Fingertip is a leadership App, critical thinking Framework, and ongoing Discipline that seeks to ensure employees work together focusing their efforts to make measurable decisions and contributions that drive the organization forward.


Fingertip ensures progressive Key Account Management


Create a systematic way of building relationships with your key accounts. Establish an organization with a transparent view into accounts and clear responsibilities.

Resilient and Social Sales Organization

Sales Resilience

Sales need to adapt fast new situations and markets. Creating opportunities out of the obstacles requires good collaboration and fast decision making capability. Fingertip helps to process new ideas fast and develop your sales velocity towards your growth targets.

Win with Account Plans

Drive Account Planning with the help of Fingertip dynamic Plans. Dynamic Plans collect all Account Plans together and provide the fastest snapshot to your key Accounts’ status – strategies, objectives, hot opportunities and high ROI activities

Culture of alignment

End-to-end customer experience is about interactions with a customer during pre-sales, sales, delivery, projects, support & maintenance etc. Fingertip pulls together your customer facing teams for shared objectives, decision making and unified interactions.

New State of Sales Excellence

Make it fun!

Aim for higher rate of CRM use and improved data quality. Gamified workspace improves activity levels while making the CRM use fun. Indeed fun & rewarding! This improves the data accuracy helping you to make better decisions and succeed in forecasts.

Build competitive bids

Bidding is like a small project with various participants, solution creation and gate approvals prior the customer offer launch. Fingertip facilitates teams to quickly put customer information together and innovate the solution. Digital process keeps the work structured and aligned.

Become a fast learner

Fast moving teams learn fast from customers, from each other and help new comers to catch up the pace. Learnings help them to explore new and adjust plans as they go. Engage teams into Social Decision Making for natural way to collaborate, conduct dialogue and share insights.

Gamify your employee experience

Fingertip gamification is a powerful tool to motivate your Sales organization. Gamification helps visualize the value of different processes and makes completing sales activities fun and engaging.

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The rapid adoption of collaboration tools amidst Covid pandemic has been extremely interesting to witness and experience. For us digitally native organizations the change was merely in our work environment…

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Erilaiset tietotekniset ratkaisut ovat hybridityön ytimessä, mutta tarjolla olevia ratkaisuja löytyy markkinoilta valtavasti. Fingertip auttaa ICT-hallintoa tunnistamaan päätöksentekotarpeet, ratkaisuvaihtoehdot ja riskit sekä hyödyntämään asiantuntijoiden osaamista parhaiden valintojen tekemiseen. Se on…

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Gather items for larger concepts or structured processes. Use a visual list and prioritize, categorize and discuss. Involve the right stakeholders using the RACI model and gain accountability.


Used for something measurable that should be achieved. Set targets and goals for future for improvement. Measure goals and key results. Follow and discuss status and values over time.


The core process of knowledge work in Fingertip. A Decision collects together all the phases of decision making and allow full transparency to all involved stakeholders.


Something that needs to be done. Assign tasks to users or groups and set a due date and follow the execution. Communicate the status with others with task stages.

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Strategiaryhmän käyttöönottopaketti

  • Strategisten tavoitteiden ja hankkeiden mallintaminen Teamsiin ja Fingertipiin
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Ensimmäinen vuosi Kasvuryhmäläisille vain 9 900 € (norm. 19 900 €), jos aloitatte Fingertipin käytön 15.1.2023 mennessä.

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    Power Apps and Teams the winning platform for low code enterprise solutions

    Power Platform is the low code platform that enables almost anyone start creating workflows and programs in Microsoft's ecosystem. Gartner recently announced an estimate, that 70% of enterprise software would be built in low code or no code by 2025. Additionally, 97% of the Fortune 500 are utilizing the Power Platform to boost their business processes.

    In this speech, our CEO Jaakko Pellosniemi will dive into the capabilities of low code, and tell the story of how Fingertip took the low code approach with the Power Platform to create an entire product and a business model that can be scaled.

    Come see it live at the Microsoft Corner of Slush, on Thursday the 17th of November at 12:30, and on Friday the 18th of November at 11:30.

    Hybrid era leadership - better way to lead in Microsoft Teams

    The latest Work Trend Index by Microsoft discovered an alarming fact in hybrid and remote work contexts. There's a great disparity in the self-reported productivity of knowledge workers (87% report being productive) and leaders' trust in their emploees' productivity (12% have faith their people are productive). Microsoft has dubbed this phenomenon as the 'Productivity Paranoia'.

    Thus we've seen many companies plead to their employees to return to the office (latest notable being Twitter after Elon Musk takeover). Many of those who have gotten used to the new normal are not caving in, and rather choose to employ themselves elsewhere to be able to enjoy the perks of remote working.

    There's also another way. Fingertip bridges the productivity gap between employees and leaders with a transparent, accountable, collaborative and documented platform that integrates to Teams. Our CEO Jaakko Pellosniemi will digest the productivity paranoia and the way Fingertip solves it while catering to the needs of each stakeholder in the equation.

    Come see it live at the Microsoft Corner of Slush, on Thursday the 17th of November at 15:00, and on Friday the 18th of November at 15:30.

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        Lähettämällä viestin, hyväksyt Fingertipin tietosuojalausekkeen (ENG) ehdot.
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