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Fingertip Plans

Lead projects and strategies in Microsoft Teams

Inspire problem solving and collaboration

Fingertip enables smart and accountable project and portfolio management digitally. Visualize between business items, like decisions, tasks and objectives and make organizational knowledge available and processes transparent to everyone.

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How does it work?

Fingertip’s Plan revolutionizes strategy execution with live projects and portfolios that contain a real time view into daily activities, long term goals and relevant decision processes. Watch the demonstration of Fingertip for Microsoft Teams’ Plan component in action.

What are the benefits?

1. Collaborate using people in Teams and channels

Invite the relevant people and teams in your Plans and ensure better prioritization with the accountable, responsible and informed roles.


2. Streamline communication and sharing

Organize your knowledge, add transparency to decisions, tasks and objectives, and make finding relevant information easy.


3. Visualize progress and improve measurability

Gain a quick insight into what is currently happening; where you’re succeeding and where you’re falling behind.

Getting started

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    Fingertip is a Finnish innovation company with 10 years of experience improving leadership and decision making of digital organizations.

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    How does it work? See the demo!

    Check out the 10 minute demo presenting the key features Fingertip offers to give you a simple way for agile, transparent and collaborative leadership. Our experts walk you through the key points of Fingertip and demonstrate some features and core functionalities of Fingertip for Microsoft Teams.

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    What are the challenges of a Leader?

    • Leaders struggle for situational awareness.
    • To manage the demand of simply getting things done and delivered.
    • To be able to change the course of action.
    • And to empower their people and organization to success. 


    This whitepaper is designed for the everyday leaders, navigating their way in the challenges of modern work. It gives food for thought about how leadership will look like in the future, as well as providing handy frameworks and methods for leaders to take up in their daily actions.

    Register now to get access to your copy! We hope you enjoy the read and learn something new about the next generation of leadership together with Fingertip and Microsoft Teams.

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