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Winter'19 Release Screenshot

Top features with the Fingertip Winter´19 release

Lightning Experience is now better than ever!  Fingertip has been nominated as Powered by Lightning™ so we know what we are talking about. Lightning has gotten major improvements and the Classic side is becoming a distant memory. If you haven’t migrated to Lightning yet, you are missing out.
With Salesforce Winter’18 we are proud to present you Fingertip version 5.5, with improvements on the user interface and plans functionality. We have brought a lot of exciting, new features mainly for stage gate approvals and meeting management.

What’s new in Fingertip Winter’19 Release?  

  1. UI improvements on Both Desktop and Mobile. Decision and Plan header is now using freeze functionality so you always know in which record you are currently. Fingertip’s Mobile user interface has gone through major improvements: we have improved consistency across the App and brought usability improvements in many key features of Fingertip.
  2.  Filter by your groups in Decisions and Plans. In Fingertip 5.5 you can search records based on groups the users belong to. In a list view of either Decisions or Plans, open the search filter and select My Groups as the role. Now you can search records based on access given from belonging to a public group.
  3. Stage Gate Approvals have arrived in Plans. You can create a process with approvals set in specific phases, which then triggers an Approval Decision. You can handle the whole approval process from inside the Plan and see the situation from the Approvals tab. You can set descriptions and due dates for Plan phases, which helps you create recurring processes with required steps.
  4. Plan’s Item list now supports Files. Add existing files or upload new ones to a Plan by selecting the Files object from the Add Item popup. The files will be displayed with their extension and can be clicked to see a preview in Salesforce. Files can also be linked with the stage gate approval if you want to approve a specific file such as meeting minutes.
  5. Plan item & hierarchy improvements. When adding a new item to a Plan, you can now set the position number beforehand. We have also added a popup for reordering the items in a Plan which supports better drag and drop features. The hierarchy can be expanded and collapsed using a single button. We have also added a new search option in Add Item, where you can search all objects in your organization.
  6. Mark your Plan in your calendar with an Event. Do you have an integration with a calendar service outside of Salesforce or do you use Salesforce’s calendar with events? You can now link Plans with an Event so that you don’t miss the timing of those important meeting or project plans.
  7. Set topics for your Tasks and filter out completed Tasks from the Activities Tab. Topics can be an easy way to filter or group Tasks related to a certain common nominator. Topics can be used to filter Tasks in the Activities tab. Completed Tasks are now by default hidden from the Activities tab, but we have added a button which allows you to see the completed Tasks.


Our favorites from Salesforce Winter’19 release

To be honest Salesforce’s release notes can be painful to go through, as there is always so many things changing. At Fingertip, we are trying to make things easier, so here’s a short Salesforce Winter’19 release summary.

  • Density Preference – Compact or Comfy. Have you ever thought that there is too much empty space between fields? Would you like more text fit in the same space? You can now select between two different looks. You can use the new Compact setting to have a tighter view with more information on the same page. If you prefer the old way, just keep using the Comfy setting.
  • Search bars on List views. A small thing with a big impact: Search bars appeared on top of the list views. Finding information from lists is now much easier.
  • No more refresh when Salesforce is updated. Another small but nice thing. When Salesforce or a Managed package is updated to your org, you might have noticed sudden refreshing of the page and the losing of data. This will happen no longer, instead, you receive a message saying that a refresh is needed and you should save your data.
  • Easier adoption to Lightning. Salesforce has really put effort make the adoption from Classic to Lightning easy and has added multiple new features to improve that process: Welcome Mats, better Lightning Metrics tools, converting Javascript buttons from Classic and so on.
  • Enhanced Run page (beta) for Reports. The new Run page contains toggles for a count of rows, detail rows, subtotals, and grand total shows you the report type and cross filters.

Interested to learn more – read the full Fingertip v.5.5 release notes here. For more on the Salesforce side, check out Winter’19 release notes here.

The new version is already out there, so feel free to take our Trial and check out the new features. We are already working heavily on the next release, so stay tuned for more and press that subscribe button!


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