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Fingertip Lightning app Screen shot on mobile

Powered by Lightning!

Fingertip one of the first to get designated by Salesforce as a Powered by Lightning app!


A Powered by Lightning AppExchange App delivers the highest standards of user experience for Salesforce users – as it has been designed from scratch for Lightning Experience.


Fingertip is a pure Lightning application. We’ve digitized the core process of all business, decision making. Our user experience is completely built on the Lightning architecture and we use Lightning components throughout the app. Fingertip has over 200 Lightning components so far, and all our UX components are built with the Lighting Design System.

As we were one of the very first adaptors of the Lightning technology, we had to develop many components on our own. It’s been good to see how fast the base lightning components have been increasing during the last 12 months. As a rule of thumb,  prefer using the base lightning components whenever available because they drastically increase performance.

We have over 50 Lightning components exposed in App Builder. They are well documented and can be shared with customers, they can be placed in most of the Salesforce objects. Fingertip includes many advanced components with exposed parameters for our business objects like Decision, Plan, Objective… and many others that are simpler in nature.

As adoption is the key factor for any software customer success, we are able to offer multiple versions of Fingertip designed for different types of users. We also leverage the Utility bar extensively for Recent items, Notes and Help, all again relevant for smooth user adoption. Help includes then videos for easy onboarding and has helped us in the first encounters with customers.

What are the user and business benefits Lightning delivers?

  • Consistent user experience and easy adoption across any other Salesforce application as every application looks and feels the same.
  • Speeds up the learning process and adoption and decreases hidden costs among end users.
  • Full Lightning App Builder compatibility, leading to easy configuration and strong performance on all devices.
  • Full compliance to Salesforce platform application architecture leading to protection of development investments and low cost of ownership.
  • Make informed decisions and plans on any Salesforce object.
  • Adding Fingertip components and functionality to any existing Salesforce object is easy.


What do the customers have to say?

  • “It just feels so much better to have a pure Lightning App!”
  • “I love the consistent user experience across all the applications and devices!”
  • “I have my investment in Salesforce platform fully protected as Fingertip is totally powered by Lightning components.”
  • “As an Administrator, I’m thrilled with the fact that I can drag and drop Fingertip components anywhere in Salesforce.”
  • “Business is nothing but decisions, implementing them and assessing the value. Now we make informed decisions with any Salesforce object.”


“We’ve as a company invested a lot into building the lightning version of Fingertip. Our team has really leveraged the technology. I’m very proud of the hard pioneer work done and want to take the opportunity to thank our developers, customers and Salesforce for the lightning journey so far and ahead of us”, says Jaakko Pellosniemi, CEO and Founder of Fingertip Ltd.