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use case story of Fingertip. One scene from the video

Getting hold of 200 partners for decision making

Watch the video.

ACME Attorneys has a great opportunity to catch a big fish. A lawyer from another firm would be ready to join ACME Attorneys. But they are not the only one trying to attract the famous lawyer in the cyber security area. Now it’s all about swiftly making the decision among the 200 partners and once the decision is made negotiate the final deal with the partner candidate. It seems like an impossible job to do during the weekend and over different time zones.

How to get hold of everyone? What to do when you can’t gather everyone in one room? It’s a simple universal use case that can be adjusted to an unlimited amount of situations.

ACME Attorneys has a mobile application in use that invites each partner for decision making. The decision can be described in detail so that it does not necessarily need face-to-face meetings. The application allows discussions to deepen understanding and to formulate opinions. The decision can be made easily after stakeholders have given their stances.

With Fingertip ACME Attorneys was able to make a fast, reliable and transparent decision. Moreover, they remained in control with whom they shared the decision with. The given stances helped them get support and reach to the final decision. The whole process was documented for audit trail and maybe most important, it’s linked to the overall decision making and business operations of ACME.


Did you watch the video?

Download also the Use case material.