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Navigating in a complex world towards better Decisions with Fingertip

Welcome to Fingertip Breakfast on Tuesday, February 26th, at 8-10 am!

Our insightful speakers, CRO Milla Nevanlinna and CEO Jaakko Pellosniemi give their forewords:

Eating our own dog food & Drinking our own champagne – How Fingertippers get it down and done?

It started in the 1980s and has been going on soon 30 years. The employers don’t use the organization’s own product. We at Fingertip, however, use our own app for sales management, weekly meetings, board meetings, scrums, HR’s and marketing’s project management, you name it. And we honestly think it’s the best environment you can get.

There’s one difference Fingertippers have comparing to our customers. The team use the newest, still unpublished version of the app. In this way, updated versions are not only tested but actually used for hundreds of hours in a real work world before getting launched.

Road map for product development is visible and known for every employee. Every second week a new product increment is ready for the team to take in use. The customers receive an updated version every 8-10 weeks.

I’m looking forward to tell more about our best practices and how to make the best use of Fingertip!


Decision making in a complex world

Our decision making is influenced by combinations of countless factors. Who are the gate keepers? Who do you need convince to win the gate keeper on your side? Where is the field; in emails, meeting room or corridor? What kind of personality is your teammate, supervisor or subordinate? And above all, have you ever attended a formal decision making education or training to navigate towards the best decisions? If you haven’t, you belong to the majority.

The most crucial aspect to understand in decision making is uncertainty. In some cases, it’s higher than it others. The most undesirable domain is a total chaos where the outcome of decision is inconceivable, nothing what you expected and what you can comprehend.

The opposite for chaotic decision making is the actual domain. The outcome is obvious, predictable, one can say, certain. Between chaotic and actual fall still two domains. Complicated but knowable is a situation where we sense and analyze information from outside. Lastly, we respond accordingly. What will come of this, we have a probable estimation.

The last domain is a complex one, a domain of many possibilities. We start by probing, finding new ways. Only after that we sense and observe, and ultimately, respond. There are no probable outcomes, but it’s safe to fail. In complex world we can discover new possibilities.

More about Decision Characteristics, Decision Making Maturity and other things related to the complex world on Tuesday.

See you soon,


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