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Peek Inside the Fingertip Summer ´18 Release!

Summer has arrived in Finland with a strong heatwave and so has the Fingertip Summer ´18 Release. It has been a busy few months here at Fingertip. With the launch of Fingertip 5.1, we are bringing a ton of new functionality across our platform to make decision making as breezy as ever.

One of the many great benefits of cloud-based software is the ability to quickly and consistently roll out updates and improvements, and new features. It also gives the latest and greatest capabilities into your hands as soon as they are deployed, so you can make your decision making processes even more productive and meaningful.

The primary focus of this release is increased usability and user adoption. We’ve really baked in capabilities from the latest Salesforce release to better support user adoption by bringing user levels when starting to use our App. The best part of it all has been the incredible customer insights that we have received which have made these innovations come alive. So, let’s dig into our selected features that are available now with the Fingertip Summer ‘18 Release.

Our selection of the newest and most exciting features of Fingertip Summer ´18 Release

We have selected some of our newest and most exciting features that are now available in Fingertip 5.1.

1. User Levels

When first entering the world of Salesforce you can easily get overwhelmed with all the features available. With Fingertip 5.1 we want to ease that effect by bringing user levels. User levels allow you to configure what features you can see and access in Fingertip. Get a comfy start using our App and bring in more advanced features as your skill set improves.

2. Stage Gate

When you create a process to follow in Fingertip Plans, you can now use Fingertip’s stage gate implementation to set approval gates. If there is a point in your process that requires approval, this is the tool for you. The approval can also be added to any other object in Salesforce, so you can approve for instance a certain stage in an opportunity.

3. Refresh Highlights

Fingertip’s refresh button has evolved to show you actions that are happening inside your records. When changes are made, the refresh button turns blue and you can instantly see you should refresh the page to see the updates.

4. Mobile User Interface Improvements

With the Fingertip Summer ’18 Release, we have given the Fingertip mobile UI a facelift in both look and performance. We have enhanced mobile performance inside records by changing our tabs to Lightning tabs. A handy new footer with details has appeared on the bottom of the screen in our favorite object, decisions.

What’s new with Salesforce?

With the Summer ´18 Release, Salesforce is seemingly putting all its efforts in Lightning Experience to further ease up the usability while migrating from Classic to Lightning. This summer overall, Salesforce brings improved productivity within Lightning with more ways to discover, experience and personalize. See our list of the highlights of the Salesforce Summer ´18 Release.

Here are the highlights of Salesforce Summer ´18 Release that you should be aware of
  • List Filters – You can now filter based on teams, queues, and campaigns
  • Themes & Branding – Additional settings have been added to change colors, background picture, and image templates
  • Mass Quick Actions – Update many records at the same time in list views
  • Privacy Enhancements – GDPR has brought us some additional privacy-related user management settings
  • Report Builder – Fully Lightning compatible with UI improvements
  • Reports & Dashboards Folders – Sharing settings, moving items, creating subfolders; many features that were previously only available in Classic
  • Lightning Usage App – Get detailed data of Lightning adoption and usage
  • Search Bar – You can now select the object and find the droids you are looking for


All of these great features and more are now available at Fingertip 5.1 to improve usability and user adoption of our App. Stay tuned for upcoming releases to learn even more what we have in store by subscribing to our blog. Or if you would like a closer look at our enhancements, take our free trial for a spin.


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