Business Objects

  • Decision
  • Plan
  • Task
  • Objective
  • Governance
  • Gamification



The core process of knowledge work. Collets together all the phases of decision making.


  • Write a problem statement, propose, decide, execute and evaluate
  • Use RACI to gather the right stakeholders together
  • Document, create an audit trail and allow transparency with purpose
  • Solve many types of problems flexibly with a documented, agile method
  • Include tasks, files or links to other systems



Gather items together for larger concepts or structured processes.

  • Create a visual list of items which you can prioritize, categorize and discuss
  • Link any Fingertip or Salesforce record to be shown on one page, one entity
  • Involve the right stakeholders using the RACI model and gain accountability
  • Customize the process, columns or content shown and create a dynamic view
  • Use for Projects, Meetings, Portfolios or your own business process
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Something that needs to be done.


  • Assign tasks to yourself or to other users or groups
  • Set a due date and follow the execution
  • Communicate the status with others with task stages
  • Display your tasks on a GANTT chart or Kanban board
  • Use progress indicator or priority to flag the most critical tasks



Something measurable that should be achieved.


  • Set targets and goals for future for improvement
  • Measure your goals and key results
  • Follow and discuss the status and the live values
  • Update easily and share your progress
  • Relate together with Decisions or Plans for bigger concepts



Motivate users to achieve more with a point system and a leaderboard.

  • Earn points by taking certain actions in Fingertip
  • Show employees where they stand relative to their peers in a leaderboard
  • Identify the main goals for using Fingertip and reward people for doing it
  • Encourage users to learn faster and adopt new things more easily
  • Configure by creating your own rules and rewards



Map accountabilities and ensure correct decision makers


  • Create structure in your organization by categorizing decisions with Taxonomies
  • Set RACI roles for each Taxonomy, so that they can be added automatically
  • Involve all the relevant stakeholders with correct roles without a hassle
  • Formulate advanced rules to trigger specific governance requirements
  • Visualize your organization structure and accountabilities

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What do I get in the Fingertip Trial?


When you take the 30-day free Fingertip Trial, you get a fully equipped Salesforce environment with pre-installed Fingertip. The Trial environment is ready to use immediately when you get the email from Salesforce, typically in 5-10 minutes. No previous Salesforce experience is needed in order to get the most of the Trial!


Your Trial environment comes with a sample Decision and Plan which you can explore to get started. The sandbox experience allows you to create Decisions and Plans as much as you like to test out the different features. Go all out! Everything you do in the Trial is 100% private.


Fingertip is at it’s best when used with real world challenges. You can add up to 30 users in the Trial environment, anyone with an email can be invited. Your colleagues and business partners can start making decisions, creating plans and setting objectives with you from the start. Try Fingertip together to learn even more ways to use it!


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Note: After 30 days, your Trial environment will be automatically destroyed if you haven’t subscribed. If you don’t make a purchase, everything you build in the Trial environment is permanently lost after the Trial period.

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