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Business Objects

  • Decision
  • Plan
  • Task
  • Objective
  • Governance
  • Gamification



The core process of knowledge work. Collets together all the phases of decision making.


  • Write a problem statement, propose, decide, execute and evaluate
  • Use RACI to gather the right stakeholders together
  • Document, create an audit trail and allow transparency with purpose
  • Solve many types of problems flexibly with a documented, agile method
  • Include tasks, files or links to other systems



Gather items together for larger concepts or structured processes.

  • Create a visual list of items which you can prioritize, categorize and discuss
  • Link any Fingertip or Salesforce record to be shown on one page, one entity
  • Involve the right stakeholders using the RACI model and gain accountability
  • Customize the process, columns or content shown and create a dynamic view
  • Use for Projects, Meetings, Portfolios or your own business process



Something that needs to be done.


  • Assign tasks to yourself or to other users or groups
  • Set a due date and follow the execution
  • Communicate the status with others with task stages
  • Display your tasks on a GANTT chart or Kanban board
  • Use progress indicator or priority to flag the most critical tasks



Something measurable that should be achieved.


  • Set targets and goals for future for improvement
  • Measure your goals and key results
  • Follow and discuss the status and the live values
  • Update easily and share your progress
  • Relate together with Decisions or Plans for bigger concepts



Motivate users to achieve more with a point system and a leaderboard.

  • Earn points by taking certain actions in Fingertip
  • Show employees where they stand relative to their peers in a leaderboard
  • Identify the main goals for using Fingertip and reward people for doing it
  • Encourage users to learn faster and adopt new things more easily
  • Configure by creating your own rules and rewards



Map accountabilities and ensure correct decision makers


  • Create structure in your organization by categorizing decisions with Taxonomies
  • Set RACI roles for each Taxonomy, so that they can be added automatically
  • Involve all the relevant stakeholders with correct roles without a hassle
  • Formulate advanced rules to trigger specific governance requirements
  • Visualize your organization structure and accountabilities

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