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Meeting Management

Meeting challenges

No Agenda
Lots of Absence
No Time Keeping

No Follow-up
Low Impact
Low Accountability

Only 0,5 Decisions per Meeting made

Low Focus + Plenty of Distraction
Only 12 minutes from a one hour meeting is synchronized work.

The primary outputs and deliverable expected from meetings are decisions. Secondarily they are used for planning and handing out tasks.


Meetings are needed for building common understanding, commitment and sharing knowledge. However, we all have experienced how frustratingly inefficient the usual meeting is. In fact, only 0.5 decisions are made in an average meeting. On average, 33.4% of time spent in meetings is considered unproductive by participants. With the average meeting size at 9 people, an hour long meeting wastes 3 productive hours of work.


It doesn’t have to be like that though. If done right, running meetings can truly be a bliss. Organizing meetings in the Fingertip way digitizes all the bottlenecks in meetings: Keeping the time, having a structured agenda, absence of some people and most importantly, making decisions.


Read on to find out how Fingertip helps you achieve more in your meetings

No more meaningless meetings with no actual content

Fingertip provides a powerful cloud-based meeting management system that minimizes time spent while maximizing the productivity of every meeting.

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Time to fix decision making in your meetings!

Statistically, 50% of decisions fail, while 33% of work time is spent waiting on decisions. 59% of employees report decision making as the number one problem in their organization.


Fingertip is designed to drive accountability and decision making, streamline meeting procedures and align management goals.

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Fingertip helps in every stage of meeting management

Before Meeting

  • Digitized decision making process ensures preparation, commitment and execution
  • Easier Coordination Process
  • Professional Agenda Editor
  • Assign Preparation Tasks
  • Integration with Outlook & Google Calendar possible

During Meeting

  • Run onsite or Virtual Meetings
  • Document made decisions real-time
  • Capture Notes Instantly
  • Meeting Tools for Decision Making, Planning and more
  • Allocate Action Items as Tasks

After Meeting

  • Approve Meeting Minutes
  • Easy follow-up
  • Professional Minutes and Customizable Layouts
  • File Management and Search Options
  • Task Management System
  • Meeting Analytics

Fingertip offers a digital way to organize your meetings!

Fully integrated with Salesforce, Fingertip provides a secure and efficient tool for scheduling, executing and archiving meetings.


Easily arrange decisions and discussion topics in the agenda of your meeting using Fingertip.

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