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Customer Success Stories



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Fredman Group

“Our work around our strategy is more efficient, ongoing and focused than before. Now, our strategy is really a part of our everyday work. Fingertip platform ties together the strategy, planning, actions, discussions and decisions in our organization.”

– Clas Fredman, CEO, Fredman Group

Striving for the perfect kitchen- digitally



The leadership team and board of Fredman Group had created an ambitious  strategic execution framework including all key initiatives and projects. But as this was done in the traditional way, with powerpoint and pdf documents, it was a static way to follow-up the status and progress.

The board and the management team were interested in discovering a modern and dynamic way to plan, execute, monitor and communicate the strategic projects.



A fully digital strategic execution framework with Fingertip was implemented for Fredman Group’s board and leadership team. The platform includes all key elements for digital leadership such as  planning, objectives, decision making, execution and communication. The gamification module was also taken into use.

Fingertip was installed in Fredman Group’s Salesforce environment, enabling linking the planning and decisions to customer data in their CRM. The team was up and running with Fingertip within a few weeks.



With Fingertip, the Fredman Group board can follow up the strategy, its subtitles and progress of the work being done, in one platform. Fingertip brings together the plan to action.  The discussions around the strategy is done within a specific plan,  hence they can see what discussions took them to that specific decision. The work around their strategy is more efficient, ongoing and focused than before and they got rid of powerpoints, excel sheets and emails .

“Now, our strategy is really a part of our everyday work, the Fingertip platform ties together the strategy, planning, actions, discussions and decisions in our organization. Everything is always up to date. No more version fixing or work in progress sheets.”

Kota Alliance

“I am thoroughly impressed with the service mentality of Fingertip people. As a non-profit, we have scarce resources for training, but Fingertip has gone above and beyond to ensure we can benefit the most of their application.”

– Jaana Rehnström, Founder and President, Kota Alliance

A center for women empowerment



As a relatively new organization when migrating to Salesforce, Kota didn’t have much processes in place, and had scarce resources for developing them. As a non-profit they are also facing the management challenges of leading volunteers. The skill and knowledge of the contributors is exceptional, but the work was scattered on multiple platforms.

Kota wanted a tool to handle collaboration, decision making in their governance and meeting agendas. They also wanted a CRM platform for their fund-raising efforts.



Fingertip was implemented for the alignment and better leading opportunities of Kota in early 2018. We organized multiple workshops to get the organization up to speed with the app.



As a complete leadership solution, Fingertip proved to be slightly complex for a non-profit such as Kota, and many of the initially planned use cases are still handled the same as before.

Kota has embraced Fingertip as a platform for keeping up what they are doing, have done and plan to do next. The transparency has been very beneficial in the organization, where people coming in the office change constantly. Simultaneously, RACI roles allow Kota to use Fingertip also in sensitive cases, where it has proven to be irreplaceable.



“Fingertip brings us everything we need for organizing our customer data and allows us to have clear processes for making decisions and planning our operations.”

– Mika Laakkonen, CEO and Partner, Avantopool

Speeding up recovery and business



When we started working with Avantopool, they hadn’t implemented any business tools yet. They had a dire need for CRM to manage their growing customer base, related communication and next steps. Another requirement was the involving of their own re-seller partners on the platform.

Avantopool needed a platform for planning, decision making and project management. They were keen on the idea of having an audit trail and due diligence readiness. In the long run board members and shareholders would also be included on the platform.



We implemented Fingertip to be the customer’s Business Management and CRM tool. They integrated their Outlook with Fingertip to improve their transparency and automate logging.



Fingertip allows Avantopool to have all customer data in one-place, accessible by the whole team, with next steps assigned and scheduled. With Fingertip, They are able to have clear processes and a single place for decision making and planning.

The platform duplicates as a tool for meeting management, including board use. Later it allows inclusion of re-sellers and partners on the platform, that is owned and managed by the company.


“Fingertip is a trusted companion in our organization. Our decision making speed and quality have increased tremendously while improving accountability and transparency. It is a true work of art.”

– Esko Hannula, CEO, Qentinel

Agile software with Fingertip



There’s a need at Qentinel to accelerate speed, improve agility, and increase autonomy.

There’s also a need for one central place for information, one place for data, one place for decision making. Now information and decision making is scattered and unstructured.

There is also a wish for decisions to be made as close to their execution as possible.



Fingertip is used to enable following pre-requisites for good decision making.

The idea is that Fingertip turns out to be a valuable tool for all. Fingertip is rolled out gradually in two fronts:

  1. Customer teams, one by one, particularly to support decision making in situations where the team cannot decide autonomously.
  2. Management team, particularly to improve the speed, quality, and accountability of decision making.



Fingertip is used to enable following pre-requisites for good decision-making:

Transparent decision-making process, guided decision-making process, distributed decision-making, speed of decision-making, accountability for decisions and governance structure for formal decisions.

Fingertip Licenses


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What do I get in the Fingertip Trial?


When you take the 30-day free Fingertip Trial, you get a fully equipped Salesforce environment with pre-installed Fingertip. The Trial environment is ready to use immediately when you get the email from Salesforce, typically in 5-10 minutes. No previous Salesforce experience is needed in order to get the most of the Trial!


Your Trial environment comes with a sample Decision and Plan which you can explore to get started. The sandbox experience allows you to create Decisions and Plans as much as you like to test out the different features. Go all out! Everything you do in the Trial is 100% private.


Fingertip is at it’s best when used with real world challenges. You can add up to 30 users in the Trial environment, anyone with an email can be invited. Your colleagues and business partners can start making decisions, creating plans and setting objectives with you from the start. Try Fingertip together to learn even more ways to use it!


Once we have convinced you about Fingertip’s usefulness, you can subscribe to Fingertip and order the amount of licenses you and your team need.


We have also created plenty of material and guides to get you started. All material is available in our Help Center. You can also book a meeting by clicking here to have a personal preview on how to use Fingertip.


If you want to try Fingertip on your existing Salesforce environment, you should take the trial from AppExchange instead.


Note: After 30 days, your Trial environment will be automatically destroyed if you haven’t subscribed. If you don’t make a purchase, everything you build in the Trial environment is permanently lost after the Trial period.

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