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Conquer the digital age – The revolutionary ways of Salesforce and Fingertip

Conquer the digital age – The revolutionary ways of Salesforce and Fingertip

Salesforce is a beloved, yet also often criticized software designed for boosting the CRM efforts of companies of all sizes. But looking at the stats, they must be doing something right. Currently, 88% of Fortune 100 companies currently apply Salesforce apps in one form or another in their business. Salesforce bring immense value into data-rich CRM and helps build the mutually beneficial customer relationships sought for by all companies. Salesforce AppExchange offers the expansions companies need in their specific context. It’s a marketplace for singular functions, service/implementation providers or complete changes in entire workflows and processes. These apps offer extreme customizability and serviceability to Salesforce. With them, companies can gain even more competitive advance from the ecosystem.

What makes Salesforce unique? It is not the sole cloud-based CRM, nor is it the simplest or most intuitive to use. What it sometimes lacks in adoption, it makes up with its customizability, robustness, reporting and automation, and application ecosystem. Salesforce has partnered with multiple service and application providers to make it universally applicable. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s philosophies for trust, service culture, and communication shine through the platform. They allow salespeople across the globe succeed. And not just them. Since founding, Salesforce has increased the areas of daily work it encompasses with for example Marketing, Service and Analytics Clouds, making it more applicable to special industry needs.

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The extreme customizability does not stop with workflows and dashboards. It extends to the AppExchange – a platform for 3rd party developed extensions to drive your unique needs. With the apps, your Salesforce platform becomes the engine of your work, an operating system for your entire organization. They enhance your leadership, decision making, documentation, implementation, and adoption. With the right partners and/or applications, you can have Salesforce up and running in no-time.

Herbs and spice and everything nice. What more does Fingertip bring to the table?

Fingertip expands the scope of customer interaction and reporting to holistic customer servicing platform. Plan and deliver with the salespeople, engineers, and developers all on the same environment. This helps you align your customer-facing units with the in-house people and makes high quality delivery possible without enormous amounts of internal communication. The knowledge is available all the time for everyone, and the results and solutions arrive to everyone at the same time. Fingertip is a managed package in the Salesforce ecosystem, for any Salesforce product. So whether you are a startup, an established global enterprise or a non-profit organization, Fingertip provides better decision making, planning and execution with accountability.

The community and culture Fingertip brings to Salesforce allows you to work and make decisions closer to the customer, with shorter cycle times. With a gamified experience, so you can be sure your new recruits and star salespeople alike adopt the Salesforce platform in no time. As a Salesforce App, Fingertip applies flexibly to any Salesforce Cloud implementation, increasing productivity and profitability, while making work more engaging.

Aside from customer interaction, Fingertip can elevate your strategic decision making capabilities and power your meetings. Fingertip encourages sharing knowledge ahead of time for meetings, so less time is wasted explaining or familiarizing with material. Because of this, even the people who might need a bit more time to catch up have the preparation time and can participate actively. Ultimately this makes decision making highly efficient, even without physical meetings, as the discussion and opinions can be shared digitally right inside of Salesforce.

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