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Adding value creation and impact with transparent and engaging OKR software

There’s a shift of focus taking place. With digitalization, OKR is changing its behaviour. Objectives management is moving from PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheet progress follow-up to digitally smart packages. If you’re unfamiliar with Objectives Management, check out our post Brief history of Objectives Management.

However, many of the OKR and performance apps mainly concentrate on managing objectives and measuring key results, without addressing the question: How to tie OKR to daily work? Traditional OKR solutions are often used just a couple of days around the quarter and year-end shift for updating key results and will not affect the end user’s everyday life. Resulting in the true benefits of OKR never being tapped. A transformative framework should have a habit change supporting UI and role.

The whole OKR cycle, with everything from OKR Status checks, retrospectives, reviews, to alignment, can be difficult and a lot to manage.

Strategy, cadence and routines, meetings, the customer, the actual doing, task management need to be tied to the goal setting. There needs to be an agile way of making decisions together. And there needs to be a process that flags deviations early on and collects the right people together to find solutions, decide and execute needed change.

Our recommendation is that every business try to bring transparency, measurability, and engagement to the core of managing your objectives. We see no other way than using a digital tool that ties your daily activities to your objectives and finally to your strategy. This gives both individual and leadership a view into focus and big picture.

Webinar: Focus and alignment with objectives - How OKRs can transform your organization.

Fingertip is a drastically simplifying the objective management in organizations with a simple and versatile application. We firmly believe that Objectives should be a part of the everyday work. They should always be on the top of the leaders and employees mind. This is the only way to keep the individual, team and organizational objective aligned to execute the higher-level strategy.


OKRs & the Cloud-first approach for digitally enhanced organizations

Fingertip is a native Salesforce App and a versatile add to be used with the different clouds. Salesforce is the most popular cloud and CRM platform online, yet it still only covers some of the daily activities a knowledge worker engages in. Bringing the daily activities together to the CRM has proven to increase the engagement in organizations.

As OKRs, or whatever objectives management framework your organization is using, are the force driving your people to innovate, transform and grow your business they as well should be as close to the customer and operative data as possible.

Decisions should be made as close to the customer as possible. Which at the same time means that the documentation and collaboration of the decisions should be done on the same platform as your sales, marketing, customer success and product teams are working in. Tie your different clouds together for focus, alignment, decision making and modern leadership.

Value is found not in the artificial and theoretical discussion what objectives or key results are, but in focusing on the clear connection and cause and effect between strategy, objectives, the game plan, and impact. Value is in motivated, focused and aligned people working in iterative learning cycles in a supportive collaborative culture. This, again is done together.

For more hands-on tips to Objectives and Key Results, we suggest you check out our knowledge base articles on the subject.

Free whitepaper: How to setup Objectives and Key Results in your business

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) are a tool for measuring individual and organizational progress. They help people with goal setting and motivation.

This whitepaper gives you a broad understanding of objectives management, and how Fingertip enables you to increase focus and alignment using the OKR framework.

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Objectives and Key Results

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