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Fingertip 8.0

Fingertip 8.0 – Perhaps the best Salesforce App – just got better.

The best just got better, as Fingertip 8.0 has been released to the public. This release blog highlights just how much your organization can benefit from the Fingertip way of working. Realize customer benefits with your team and increase productivity and profitability.

In the past half a year, companies have had to transfer their service online. While standing out might be more difficult, the ability to offer goods and services anywhere globally has tremendous sales potential. And having a global selection of supply chains and business services available increases the competitiveness massively.  

Globalization relies on the internet and digital tools as its marketplace and platform. While we all acknowledge the potential, execution is what determines success. Fingertip 8.0 has been designed with modern, ambitious companies in mind, to maximize outputs and profits with high agility and adaptability. Fingertip is a system for true customer-centric digital leadership, promoting high motivation and efficiency through innovative design, gamification and more.

With Fingertip 8.0, you can focus more on your clients, offering them more products and services and to keep them happy. It gives you unparalleled possibilities to reach out and deliver to new clients as well, so you can realize more of your capacity. Fingertip streamlines your overhead processes in a way that maximizes the time and effort you expend on customer-facing, value-creating activities. 

Less overhead, more sales. New standard for business Decision Making

Fingertip 8.0 reimagines the way your organization makes decisions. Making faster and better decisions allows you to offer better service to your customers so you can delight them day-in day-out. Digital decision making allows for more opinions to be accounted for and relieves the need to bang our heads together in a video meeting, where the loudest voice wins. The new decision functionalities give you suggestions in decision making and implementation. They also give a completely new view into all information regarding a decision when you are still making up your mind. 

Organizational learning helps you develop your processes over time and reinforces organizational culture. With these in place, you are more confident and agile in delivery, solving customer issues and needs with finesse. The Decision Log is not only a window to the ongoing decisions, it also allows you to visit the past. Leverage past decisions and what led up to them to the benefit of your current clients. 

The upgrades bring your employees closer together and more engaged. It allows for a sense of higher purpose and supports trial and failure – key subjects for learning together. They give your employees more power and control, while relieving the management’s need for oversight and surveillance, appealing to the modern workforce. 

Improve focus and understanding, deliver better together

Every knowledge worker is a multitasker. Organizing all the work we do can be a great resource sink, if we can’t do it efficiently and focus on value-creating activities. Fingertip 8.0’s new front page aims to solve the issue, because it brings all the relevant pieces under our eyes and makes prioritization easier. Having all our pending activities and customers in plain sight allows for a nice overview of what to do next.  

We’re improving your planning for better collaboration around customer projects, ensuring seamless delivery and customer success. Simplifying the complex processes regarding a client with Fingertip Plans gives everyone the knowledge they need to act in the client’s best interest in mind, without losing focus. New key features include attaching tasks directly in your Objectives and KPIs for increased alignment, and adding better outbound linking capabilities in plans. This helps keep all relevant information in one actionable place.

Fingertip 8.0 gives control to the knowledge workers to determine their focus with autonomy. It gives more insight into the big picture for the leaders and keeps the ball rolling with improved accountability. The new visual interface helps us find the highest value-creating activities, while reducing the time spent looking for information. Fingertip streamlines your internal processes, which directly impact how well we are able to serve our customers.

Do you want to see for yourself, how Fingertip enables you to focus more on customer value? Reach out to us and book a demo, or take it for a spin!

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For more hands on information about the new release, head to the Release Page or read the full Release Notes!

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