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Fingertip blog: Fingertip 8.0 and Salesforce Winter ‘21 release - intelligence and automation

Fingertip 8.0 and Salesforce Winter ’21 release – intelligence and automation

We are celebrating the newest release of our pride and joy, Fingertip 8.0. In the meanwhile, Salesforce has been putting a lot of work to their Winter ’21 release. Rolling out mid-October, the Winter release brings the latest advancements in the #1 CRM to all users on the platform globally. Fingertip is an AppExchange application built on top of the Salesforce Lightning Platform. Salesforce updates three times a year, in order to bring new features for all users. Because of the platform connection, you receive all of the upgrades as well, whether you connect Fingertip to Salesforce or use it standalone.

Decrease manual work with automation, focus on decisions.

The highlights in Fingertip 8.0 relate mostly to decision making. The new decision log offers insight into the big picture, and redesigned popups enhance the decision making process, which are sure to bring your decision making to new heights in terms of speed and quality. Involve relevant people, form an informed opinion quickly and make your mark in strategic and tactical decisions. Salesforce’s release brings some exciting process flow features, that might improve these processes even further with automated actions and better performance.

In a lot of organizations, the leaders might not have the capacity to spend a lot of time in Salesforce. New automated reports can be sent to their emails in set intervals, so they can rest easy, knowing that when something is wrong, they will be the first to know.

Spend less time looking for information with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Another Salesforce feature we are excited about is Einstein – the friendly AI within the platform. The new release further improves the search functionalities for natural language queries or renamed items. In a Fingertip installation, where object counts can be substantial, this is a great improvement for productivity. Einstein now also offers more relevant results to each individual user.

Combine it with Salesforce Anywhere, a mobile enhancement to make Salesforce more real time. It gives mobile alerts on your most important data and suggests actions to update it. This keeps your data and opportunities relevant with actionable follow up. We are also looking into more ways to enable AI suggestions into Fingertip Decisions and Plans with these new capabilities.

These are just some of our favorites from the Winter ’21 release. Head to the release notes for a full list of new features. Read our release blog post for Fingertip 8.0 highlights – how companies are able to take advantage of Fingertip to improve their productivity and profitability.

Fingertip is a next generation platform for digital leadership. It is a new way to organize decision making, planning and execution. Fingertip brings accountability into your digital organization culture, and lets your people shine. Service your customers faster, with better interaction and satisfaction using Fingertip!

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