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Meet the team

Fingertip Team is a unique combination of Decisionistas. A passionate bunch of team players, who have set their eyes on providing delightful products and services. We have amassed the experience and skills to support any company on their digital transformation and leadership trail, pushing for new heights in their business. Get to know us and don’t hesitate to drop us a message if you will.


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Founder, CEO

Jaakko Pellosniemi

My driving vision is to invent something which everyone needs every day. The pursuit of this goal has led me on an interesting journey beginning in the corporate world and including adventures pioneering eBusiness, innovating digital TV software and inventing a medical diagnostic product.

CRO, Partner

Milla Nevanlinna

I’m passionate about the possibilities of social decision making improving our productivity and work well-being. A bit of an idealist, but I believe we can make a difference, one decision at a time, together!


Terhi Poikkeus

Decision making is all about the people and thus I am greatly interested in people and their motivational drivers. I want to coach organizations towards Social Decision Making that ignites and fuels up the collaborative wisdom leading to greater decisions and outcomes. I have also a great passion for sport and coaching people towards better fitness life.

Product, Design

Joe Aho

I believe Fingertip can improve the way we work. Working together leads to more efficient processes and better results.

Sales, Leadership Solutions

Vera Backström

I am thrilled about the opportunities in streamlining decision making in boards and leadership teams. My experience in leadership and board positions gives me a unique vision on how to drive business with better decision making.

Marketing Coordinator

Konsta Huuki

Recently graduated from Aalto University, I am hoping to make a difference in knowledge workers' meaningfulness and empowerment at work. I'm also interested in the future of leadership and user-centered product and service design. In my free time you can spot me singing in the Polytech Choir’s gigs.

Data Scientist

Lasse Winter

I am a practical hands-on data professional mixed with an inquisitive mindset of a social scientist. I am passionate about using data to explain the society and a strong advocate of the possibilities brought about by open government data and free access to various streams of big data, eg. social media.

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