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Discovery Session

Start by identifying your organization’s potential for digital transformation and decision making bottlenecks. Find out how to improve capabilities for delivering value to customers. Book a meeting with us for more information.

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Practice Workshop

Learn how to frame and answer key questions about a decision making process.

Hands-on understanding of decision making. Identify the key decision situations.

Understand the key building blocks that make up any decision.

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Agile Experiment

Get started with Social Decision Making!

Get feedback on decision making design faster and save money. Allows to experiment with alternative decision making designs. Understand problems before decisions are made. Keep the design user-centered.

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Practice Workshops


In this type of a Decision Making workshop you’ll learn how to frame and answer key questions about the decision making process.

Decision Canvas Workshop

3 hours

Digital Decision Making Workshop

3 hours

  • Understand the key building blocks that make up any decision
  • Communicate decision making more effectively
  • Identify the key decision situations




  • Workshop with introduction, teamwork and wrap-up
  • Define impact of decision making to customers, people and financial
  • Learn to document and formulate decisions
  • Decision making process before and after decision
  • Delegation and models of decision making
  • Evaluation of decisions
  • New perspective of scalable & digital business agility.
  • Hands-on experience of digital decision making.
  • How to launch digital transformation with help of decision making.




  • Workshop with introduction, teamwork and wrap-up
  • Working with case-based method in a cross-functional team
  • Investigate various viewpoints to the case such as economic, systems thinking, milestones, cadence with cross-functional planning, decentralize decision-making
  • Includes a digital decision-making environment for 14 days

Agile Experiment


Start an experiment with Social Decision Making! Discover, practice and implement an agile way of decision making digitally.

Agile Implementation

  • Understand problems before process is changed
  • Experiment with Agile practices and engage people in direct learning experiences
  • Provide a quick way to test the practical feasibility of ideas, visualize the concept and create an enthusiastic atmosphere




  • Discovery interview 60 min
  • Digital decision making workshop 3 h
  • Digital Agile Experiment environment for 12 months
  • Expert advice and communication and facilitation support

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Fingertip workshops are recommended for 8 to 24 attendees.
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