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As your business grows you must develop scalable management and an agile organization.  Fingertip is the solution to manage your transformation from a small and agile team to scaling your business. With Fingertip you can manage your objectives, decision making and agile culture.

 Strategy Alignment

The goal of Objective and Key Results (OKRs) is to connect company, team and personal objectives to measurable results, making all employees work together in one unified direction. For those that do this successfully, the reward is a competitive edge in the digital economy.

row32x Accountability

Social decision making is a basis for a productive workplace. It makes sure everyone can share their input. It creates transparency in decision making also when it comes to learning from unintended consequences or errors. Social decision making structures information sharing and creates early buy-in and accountability for decisions.

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row4_plan2x  Empower & Engage

Agile culture make it easier for the company to go to market with ideas more quickly than ever before. Adopting agility requires more flexibility, inclusivity and new decision-making methods. Discuss, share plans and tasks within one platform. Visualize your progress with a task list, Kanban and processes.

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Fingertip will help your company to do more, faster and better.