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What you can do with Fingertip.

Welcome to the world of ACME and their exciting journey.

In these use cases you will meet the fictional company ACME. ACME recently implemented Fingertip to bring structure to their internal decision making processes. How are they using it? Download the use cases and find out yourself!

Executive Meetings with Fingertip

Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly no matter how often you run your executive meetings they never feel quite smooth enough. With Fingertip, executive meetings finally have a strong structure providing everyone with clear expectations and transparent goals. Focus the conversation and create meaningful dialogue in the discussion.

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Project Management with Fingertip

Each project is inherently unique so why have a static project management tool. Read how Fingertip takes your projects and gives them an in-depth, flexible and understandable workflow.

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Learn how with Fingertip Sales decisions are handled effectively with collaborative insights. Up-selling, feature releases and account management are no longer barriers to your sales activities.

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Marketing is more than just great content and visibility, the ability to connect and share insights between departments with a unified message is key. Share crucial marketing decisions with Fingertip documenting all marketing objectives and connecting with everyone involved.

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Communication fatigue is a common problem in today’s digital workplace. Creating an interactive, single source of information is simple for easy cross functional communication in Fingertip.

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Corporate Governance

Organizing a 3D or even 4D corporate matrix is no longer a mystified excel monster. With Fingertip organize your organization so that the right person is always included in the right decision reducing clutter and unclarity.

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Mergers and Acquisition

So you have just had a successful merger, then the stress of organizing post merger initiatives hits, how do we do this? No worries, with Fingertip document and include the right people at the right time ensuring everyone knows their place and everyone is working in harmony.

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Human Resources

Key people are what drives companies forward. Fingertip makes your HR processes lean and repeatable while documenting all relevant steps saving time and money.

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