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Gamification is the best way to motivate employees

Digitally engage and motivate people using game mechanics and a ranking system. Guide your employees with point rewards and give them instant feedback


Gain points while performing daily activities and make work feel more lighter and fun.

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Check your Work Queue
for what to do next

Find the most relevant information easily with the new Work Queue feature. Never miss those decisions that require your stance or tasks that are falling due.


See actionable items listed right on your home page. We bring the information for you and reduce clicks needed.

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Share Meeting Agendas with dynamic scheduling

Get rid of email chains and bring accountability to your meetings. Build the meeting agenda from actual CRM items and follow the progress in real time.


Calculate the time for each agenda item so you know what’s up and when.

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Manage complex projects with Stage Gate Approvals

Reduce errors and focus on the right things in correct time frames. Improve communication between different departments and external stakeholders. Using a stage gate model helps organizations to bring clarity into complex processes.


At each gate, a decision is made and the process is evaluated objectively, individually and cross-functionally.

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Set a clear direction with Objectives

Give work purpose by setting measurable objectives towards business goals. Improve motivation and performance by letting employees be involved in setting their objectives.


Fingertip gives you the tools to easily track objectives and key results. Focus effort over time with objectives.

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Use Objectives in Plans to follow your progress per project, team or company strategy

Evolve beyond task tracking and start setting objectives that are directly aligned with the organizational strategy. The Objectives view in Plans shows a visual representation of the alignment of Objectives and their progress.


Combine both Plans and Objectives for creating a direct link between personal goals and company wide objectives.

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Evaluate your decision’s outcome

How much effort did the decision take? Was the result successful? Place yourself on the Magic Quadrant by drag and dropping and visualize your evaluation for other users.


You can evaluate decisions on many different angles such as process, outcome, framing, magnitude and risks.

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Build long term Account Plans for your customers

Ensure success with your customers by always being on track


Fingertip Plans allow you to gather all the information required for an account plan in one entity. Discuss and identify when corrective action is needed.

Set targets, manage competitors and ask for support required from your colleagues.

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From Strategy Planning to the smallest details

Set priorities and ensure that stakeholders are working toward common goals. Adjust the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment.


Decisions and actions define what an organization is. Form multiple level hierarchies and set goals and processes to guide your organization to success through better decision making.

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Business Objects

  • Decision
  • Plan
  • Task
  • Objective
  • Governance
  • Gamification



The core process of knowledge work. Collets together all the phases of decision making.


  • Write a problem statement, propose, decide, execute and evaluate
  • Use RACI to gather the right stakeholders together
  • Document, create an audit trail and allow transparency with purpose
  • Solve many types of problems flexibly with a documented, agile method
  • Include tasks, files or links to other systems



Gather items together for larger concepts or structured processes.

  • Create a visual list of items which you can prioritize, categorize and discuss
  • Link any Fingertip or Salesforce record to be shown on one page, one entity
  • Involve the right stakeholders using the RACI model and gain accountability
  • Customize the process, columns or content shown and create a dynamic view
  • Use for Projects, Meetings, Portfolios or your own business process



Something that needs to be done.


  • Assign tasks to yourself or to other users or groups
  • Set a due date and follow the execution
  • Communicate the status with others with task stages
  • Display your tasks on a GANTT chart or Kanban board
  • Use progress indicator or priority to flag the most critical tasks



Something measurable that should be achieved.


  • Set targets and goals for future for improvement
  • Measure your goals and key results
  • Follow and discuss the status and the live values
  • Update easily and share your progress
  • Relate together with Decisions or Plans for bigger concepts



Motivate users to achieve more with a point system and a leaderboard.

  • Earn points by taking certain actions in Fingertip
  • Show employees where they stand relative to their peers in a leaderboard
  • Identify the main goals for using Fingertip and reward people for doing it
  • Encourage users to learn faster and adopt new things more easily
  • Configure by creating your own rules and rewards



Map accountabilities and ensure correct decision makers


  • Create structure in your organization by categorizing decisions with Taxonomies
  • Set RACI roles for each Taxonomy, so that they can be added automatically
  • Involve all the relevant stakeholders with correct roles without a hassle
  • Formulate advanced rules to trigger specific governance requirements
  • Visualize your organization structure and accountabilities