We’re hosting a series of 3 decision making webinars.

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Manage your decisions, manage your projects!
How to Improve Impact & Productivity in project management?

Tue July 25th, 6-6:30PM EET

Complex projects are time, money, scope and people – and project managers need to be good decision makers. What does impact come from if not well made decisions?

Manage your decisions, manage your collaboration!
Collaborate for impact!

Tue August 1st, 6-6:30PM EET

A lot of noise but is the communication relevant? We’ve been taught about the value and importance of collaboration but what are we doing with it? You have tens, hundreds of discussion feeds and groups but are you making good decisions based on them? A lot of talk but no decisions!


Manage your decisions, manage them mobile!

Tue August 8th, 6-6:30PM EET

Is your decision making still old school? Can you make decisions on your mobile? Do you realize that you’re leaving value on the table? Digitize your core process and improve productivity! Experience a WhatsApp like experience but with much more focus and impact. Don’t just chat, make decisions!