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Work 4.0

How to build teams set out for success?

One of the most important things for an organization is to create teams that drive the organization to meet its goals. Goals can be diverse, but in the end, an organization is measured by financial success. This is why it’s important for leaders to create teams

Decisions make the world go round

In the previous two posts, we looked closer at two major paradigms that are shaping organization theory and well practice at the moment: sociocracy and holacracy. These paradigms both have one thing in common, instead of seeing organizations organized by functions they see organizations as fluid

Holacracy – Utopia or a real possibility?

By now we have all read articles that a company has transformed to holacracy. One of the biggest retailers, Zappos, is changing their organization structure towards holacracy. But how possible is holacracy really? Holacracy is about breaking down organizational structures, flattening them to create self-organized teams

The four principles of sociocracy

Sociocracy consists of four fundamental principles. In this blog post, we will take a look at these principles and what they mean in practice. The first principle of sociocracy is that decisions need to be made in consensus. Only if no one raises justified objections will

Empowering for holacracy

There’s a ghost going around management theories. It’s holacracy knocking on your door and telling you, you need it to make your organization ready for the 21st Century. For some holacracy is the future of organizations for others the sure downfall. Let’s start by looking