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Jaakko Pellosniemi, Juha Ebeling and Jukka Ala-Mutka speaking about OKR

Art of setting objectives and goals

Our Art of setting objectives and goals event gathered an audience of professionals from different business areas. Three inspirational speakers talked about ever changing challenges, objectives, and smart means to reach them. Please enjoy the summary. Save the dates for the coming Fingertip’s Breakfast. They will

Fingertip Lightning app Screen shot on mobile

Powered by Lightning!

Fingertip one of the first to get designated by Salesforce as a Powered by Lightning app!   A Powered by Lightning AppExchange App delivers the highest standards of user experience for Salesforce users - as it has been designed from scratch for Lightning Experience.   Fingertip is a pure Lightning application.

If you treasure it measure it!

Who of our readers plays tennis? Well probably not that much anymore since tennis is a sport of the 80s. But at the same time some of us Fingertippers (*cough, our founder, *cough) are children of the 80s and like to play this wonderful racket