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Five Growth Principles by Timo Soininen, CEO at Small Giant Games

1. Understand your market and focus on things that really matter.After our first game, (which was not a success) we gathered around our planning table and started to analyze the market. The emerging result was to try create a game which would bridge two large game genres, fun and easy casual games with complex and time-consuming mid-core

Scale or Die Jukka Ala-Mutka Breakfast

Scale or Die

You have no choice: it’s either scale or die. You might have established start up business a couple of years ago. You’re likely to find yourself in one of the following situations: You reach for your mobile after one-hour-meeting with a customer. There are over

Collaboration – What’s the fuss?

Let’s start by looking at what collaboration actually means, where does the word come from? So glad you asked. Collaboration comes actually from a conglomerate of a French word and a late latin word. Tracing collaboration back to its origins, we arrive at collabōrō, which

Empowering for holacracy

There’s a ghost going around management theories. It’s holacracy knocking on your door and telling you, you need it to make your organization ready for the 21st Century. For some holacracy is the future of organizations for others the sure downfall. Let’s start by looking