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Author: Jaakko Pellosniemi

Who makes the best decisions?

We’re human, we’re different, we’re similar, we fit together and we don’t. A homogeneous team has long ago been dismissed as being the dream team for innovative and solution oriented outcomes. So, how about decision making, how different are we? And what should we understand

Authority and power in decision making

Montesquieu saw two types of governmental power existing: the sovereign and the administrative. The administrative powers were the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. These should be separate from and dependent upon each other so that the influence of any one power would not be

Decision Making and Accountability

Things usually start to go wrong when we don’t know what our role is, what we’re supposed to do and what others are doing. Grey areas are popular when things become difficult or unpleasant for us. They provide excuses for not participating and make it

The Chain Reaction of Decision Making

Shit rolls downhill - anything crappy coming from the top of the chain of command will hit everyone down to the bottom. This includes bad decision making, disciplinary actions, or simply a superior taking his frustrations out on subordinates.  The butterfly effect refers to the idea that a

Personality traits and decision making

Personality traits and decision making The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs, The 10 Most Important Personality Traits for Career Success, 8 Personality Traits of Effective Business People, Top 12 Personality Traits Influencing Organizational Behavior – we are used to discussing personalities in the context of succeeding

Fingertip 4.0 is Here!

The New Way to Decide,   It would be so nice to blame the industry for letting the customer to grow so demanding. Consumer apps have really rocked it with simplicity and ease of use. Delivering a pleasant user experience in instant messaging, commenting on shared videos,