It all starts with a decision.

In Fingertip everything starts from a decision. Our customers always know which bigger decision the tasks they are working on relate to and how they contribute to executing the company strategy through decisions.

The new way to decide.

Fingertip enables organizations to make decisions in a transparent, measurable and manageable way. This means that big goals are broken down into decisions that are then executed and evaluated.

What is a decision?

A decision ( row32x ) is typically a challenge, an idea or even a statement. It’s something you need to decide upon or want to share with your team. After using Fingertip you’ll see how all knowledge work is driven by decision and especially making decisions.

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Plan ahead.

Fingertip customers can collect anything from accounts, contacts to, of course, decisions in a plan ( row4_plan2x ). The plan offers different views and can be used to run meetings, plan work and even for project management.

Stay execution focused.

In Fingertip you can use the Salesforce tasks ( row_5_tasks2x ). This means you can add tasks to each decision so you don’t just discuss but also focus on getting stuff done.

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Collaborate in decisions.

Fingertip brings structure into internal discussions and makes sure they are automatically documented under the decisions they relate too. This makes it easy for our customers to go back and see what has been discussed and how a decision has been made.

Make the system fit your needs.

Our customers have a lot of customization possibilities within Fingertip. They can choose to use the out-of-the box set up or tailor Fingertip to fit their need.

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