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Fingertip & Social Decision Making

Fingertip is backed up by the concept of social decision making. The core of the methodology is in collaboration, accountability, and transparency. Decision making is a novel domain and offers the easiest way to improve productivity among knowledge workers. We believe that by looking at work through decisions we find more focus, more alignment and at the same time more room for ideation, failing fast and learning from feedback loops. And at the same time, our inner work life becomes more meaningful and influential.

What is Social Decision Making?

It’s all about collaboration, accountability, and commitment. Good decisions are not made in isolation. They require shared knowledge and analysis of data, different pieces of information, points of view and expertise. Good decisions require collaboration. Invite the skills and knowledge needed, invite the people whose ideas and opinions are relevant for the issue at hand, just a few colleagues or crowdsource your whole organization.

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The Life Cycle of a Decision

Decision making is not only about the action of making a decision, but rather the entire process; Draft, Share, Propose & Decide, Execute, Evaluate, Close. From describing the decision all the way to closing it, all that is relevant is included in the lifecycle. The lifecycle of a decision is the basis for better decision making quality.

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