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Fingertip is an online decision making application.

Fingertip solves the core problem organizations face: How to make better and more productive business decisions. It fits all types of organizations.

Main Features of Fingertip

row32x Fingertip Decisions

Fingertip Decisions is the core of the Fingertip application. Its uniqueness is the holistic end-to-end integration of knowledge work and decision making. Fingertip answers all decision making needs with Fingertip Decisions. It provides a solid structure for decisions, logical context for communication and clear roles for stakeholders.

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row4_plan2x Fingertip Plans

Fingertip Plans is the solution for managing your decisions. Your decisions are at the core of your projects, meetings, programs, portfolios, business strategy, and every other business operation. With the powerful Fingertip Plans, you can manage your projects, have your meetings, set your business strategies, make programs, even manage your portfolios.

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row32x Fingertip Decisions

A decision is typically a challenge, an idea or even a statement. It’s something you need to decide upon or want to share with your team. After using Fingertip you’ll see how all knowledge work is driven by decision and especially making decisions.

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row4_plan2x Fingertip Plans

Fingertip customers can collect anything from accounts, contacts to, of course, decisions in a Plan. The Plan offers different views and can be used to run meetings, plan work and even for project management.

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row_5_tasks2x Fingertip Tasks

Fingertip includes task management within decisions. Tasks can also be used in plans. Fingertip Tasks focuses teams on execution, provides transparency for all stakeholders and enables to follow the progress.

Fingertip Chatter

Fingertip Chatter is one of the most unique tools out there. Using the Chatter in Fingertip, lets your conversations have context based on your Decisions or Plans. You will never have to dig deep inside your emails, or any other messaging application you use. Seeing how information is organized naturally under the relevant decisions, the essential knowledge is managed and kept where they supposed to be, help your decisions move forward like never before.


Fingertip is easy to set up, use and even customize according to the organizational needs. Our customers have a lot of customization possibilities within Fingertip. They can choose to use the out-of-the box set up or tailor Fingertip to fit their need.

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